August 28th, 2006


Monday, August 28

I call this picture "cough".
Ar ar ar...

Loooooooooooooooong weekend.
Edward's soccer tourny was on saturday morning... and Geo's was on sunday morning.
Ed played in a sunburn producing lovely day... and we followed that up with a trip to the ottawa "Super Ex" along with my nephew. A great day... a tiring day... but loads of fun and greasy french fries.
The sunday soccer tour... was a wet one. Torrential downpour!!! (and they just play on! :D).
So after four years (has it been four or five?) of kids soccer... we have yet to make it into a semi-final round. Geo's team almost made it... but ... not quite.
Maybe next year. :)

I've been ... away from LJ for a week.
Life is like that sometimes.
Sorry if I've missed anything significant.
Feel free to fill me in...

~ blue ftls
~ gray trousers
~ white t, white dress shirt and dark tie...
~ and z'blazzer. :) (monday's costume)
~ good day of work, couple of meetings...
~ time sheet day...
~ sort out a bunch of garden hoses (300' of hoses) and sprinklers to take care of the sod that is supposed to arrive later this week. :)
~ NO SOCCER practice tonight... wohooooo... :D
~ that you don't ask questions I wont answer. :) Just know I'm happy. This is a good thing.
~ for a wonderful nine months to pass with a minimum of challenge for sweet tonya. Congratulations little sugar-t.
~ that notorious radio diva's... would, you know, ... just spill the beans and tell all!!!!! :D :D :D
~ for nothing more complicated than a good nights sleep, and little peace for my friend teasdale
~ and for the peace of a understanding light to shine on the world of kimmellee...

Birthday catch up...
August 22nd...
Happy birthday little sunshowers08... may that great big beautiful heart of yours be ever filled with returned love and devotion.
And a happy birthday to glossgirl... little miss shiny. :) I hope you had a wonderful day... and that the year ahead keeps you happy and healthy!
Dear little distant sugar-bonnie... (bondas), a very happy birthday to you. May this year bring you as many reasons to smile as the year that has just slipped behind you.
Happy birthday mz sugar-C. (horsepucky) You are one amazing young woman and I know for sure that you'll have a great year this year... "Space and Time" itself, would not dare to cross you. :D
Happy birthday to an absent dormant... and may there be happy endings to the story you were telling when last you were here.
And today...
And finally a grand happy birthday to the wrapper. Have a great day yo... May the year ahead keep you healthy, happy and loved. :)

My dear friend... my best friend, Jay... sat with his mother this weekend and held her hand, as she passed on.
Cancer mad this her time... and my heart goes out to him and his family.

Never takes too long to prove,
and Today runs out before you make your point.
But Tomorrow … will always be filled with promise.

And such is the story of a life lived well... basking in the hopes for each tomorrow.
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