August 18th, 2006


Friday, August 18

me, at the power panel. Electrician guy is on a ladder a few feet away... so I thought I'd be embarassing. :)

It's another stupid gorgeous day out there. Sunshine, cool breeze... although it's supposed to be a "hot day".
And at some point this weekend... the Teen Choice Awards show will air and Kevin Federline (or whatever the hell his name is) will be performing LIVE. bwahahahahahahaha... it will be really great if he sucks cocks from hell. Although... nothing will beat Ashley Simpson and the lip syncing on SNL thing. (bwahahaha - god that was funny...)

~ gray ftls
~ p-z blue jeans...
~ b.u.m. BUSSDS
~ black sockettes!!! (hahaha... love this stupid things)
~ wake up... stumble to the door... let in electrician...
~ stumble back to the door... let in appliance technician...
~ shower... shave... dress... sluuuuurp coffee...
~ smile and nod at the electrician like I have a clue...
~ go to work and spend a ridiculous amount of time on the phone because... NOW we need the gas guy to come back and move the gas line. GAAAAAH!
~ then the technician tells suz that the cabinets are not "to code" re: the gas range, etc... AND then there's another barrage of phone calls. This ends with the firm decision that the technician was full of crap and we're gonna ignore him. :)
~ work work work... lots to do today...
~ tonight? Well, we got things cooking in the office last night... so tonight we'll sort that out. Office by bed time... and lan lines strung before we sleep tomorrow. ("why not go wireless?" because we have the fancy spancy new 5 meg service... and I'm not gonna hobble that with 802.11g wireless limits. mmmk?)
~ wishing? well the first thing that comes to mind... rhymes with duck.
~ that sweet and DDG dishpan_nipples has all the fun she can handle. :)
~ for psychomagnet to get the sweet revenge she deserves...
~ that sugar-tala... (talashandy)... gets to play!
~ and a little bit of that "may all your dreams come true" vibe out to sexsatan04... (squeeeeeeeze)

So I just finished "Deception Point" by Dan Brown (the guy who brought us Davinci Code, etc.).
Without giving away any plot or anything spoiler like... let me over up two observations ... or "things I learned" from the book.
~ If the government is not stepping in to put a stop to a nasty 'conspiracy rumor'... chances are they're enjoying our distraction and the truth is likely much much worse.
~ Do you like lobster? Do you realize that it's just a really freaking big bug!!! BUG!!!! Like a beetle you step on and get the crunching squish sound from. (low gravity in the water let those BUGS develop into really big versions. But no matter how you slice it... it's still a bug.

This is me... hugging my new fridge and wall oven. They are not playing well together (fridge hits the oven handle when you swing the door open too far)... but I still love them!!! :D

It's Friday... smile... somebody loves you. :)

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ok... song time (still)

So bang on ... with the song name and artist from last week... "All by myself" by Sy'rai.

But... fuck if I can find it anywhere to dl... :(

perhaps ... hmmmm?


~ thank you lil'sugar. :)
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