August 17th, 2006


Thursday, August 17

Yeah yeah yeah... I know... I still don't have my cam, computer, or even the office furniture sorted yet. :(
So another blast from the past morning picture.

Last night was Ed's soccer game... so suz did that... while Geo and I hit home depot, checked out CostCo (canadian version of "price club") and then went to the skate park. It's been weeks since we've been... and it was a blast. :) :D :D :D My body was a bit sore when I woke up ... but it's a good "you've had fun" kinda sore, so I'm not complaining.

Several chores later... the kids were a'bed and instead of suz and I slaving away on the office... we decided to drink fresh brewed coffee and watch The Family Stone. Certainly not the movie I was expecting... the trailer had a 'slap stick' feel to it... and aside from the predictable plot elements... it was a wonderful story with many good laughs, memorable characters, a few tear jerky moments... and rachel mcadams. mmmmmelting.... That girl is so clearly at the top of my "list of five".

Today... dawned as yet another beautiful day. I suspect people that grow things... gardeners and farmers... and people who forget food in the cottage fridge, must be bumm'en hard about the lack of rain. For those folks ... let me just say ... it'll come. This is Ottawa. It rains here... really. Oh, and cottage fridge science experiments are totally your fault so you don't belong in this paragraph... begone!

Tonight is George's soccer game and Big Brother. I wish I had the time to be writing up show reviews but ... alas, earwax. Bottom line, however, is that my girl Janelle... however mindlessly dolt like she may actually be... is still my choice for "money girl".

~ blue stripee ftls
~ dk grey trousers
~ red p-z golf shirt.
~ holy crap... am I ever freaking tired today. It's like ... it all caught up with me. I'm a walking dead person. Me and keith richards.
~ zombie about at my clients office...
~ eat some brains...
~ type several pages of the letter "a" when I fall asleep at the keyboard...
~ erase page after page of "a" and try to remember what I was working on...
~ soccer and BB and ... hopefully, set up the office furniture. Saturday is the big "wiring day" with my personal and worlds-greatest geek contractor. (my friend Jay will be visiting with his two boys... :D) So even if I get the office sorted... no "online" till the weekend. (which means I can use the boys pc downstairs to check mail... but I really don't like using their computers. :D
~ that tonya is having fun getting ready for little josh's birthday tomorrow. :) :) :)
~ to send big healing vibes out for danicia to use for her Step-M. I hope she's ok sugar-d.
~ that bosox enjoys the speeeeeeeed,
~ and that burntflowers has great time visiting in Ottawa... so close... and yet... so far. :(

I sure hope the western alliance countries band together and send a lot more troops to Afghanistan... It'll be soooo great when they've subdued all the terrorist sympathizers. Then, when all the terrorists around the world realize they can't make Afghanistan their training base anymore... they'll all quit and take up dentistry... or something. Wont it be great. We'll all be so darn safe once we tame Afghanistan. Wohooo...

Our builder ("Landark"... ) is motivated to help us quickly resolve kitchen issues (like power plugs that are in the wrong place!!!) because... they're submitting our house in the annual Ottawa Home Builders Association House of the Year competition. ... how cool is that. :D

K... gotta jet. :D

Oh, and Gmail is not currently being very happy with TOR. So no gmail till I sort that out.