August 13th, 2006


Sunday, August 13

me... just woke up... leaning on kitchen island... waiting for coffee to brew. :)

So life is all about ... the job jar. Or at least... it has been. I have to go back to work tomorrow.
We've had people here installing the new dishwasher, delivering fridge, stove, microwave, "hood fan" and wall oven...
Er... no, not all the same people. Oh and the biggest retards in the universe delivered our new washer and dryer. I actually got angry with them (I never do that with strangers... not to their faces anyways). I will be writing a lovely letter to Sears about these idiots... the scratches on the washer and the three DINGS in my wall. Gah. The entire second floor of the house was moved in by four young mover boys and not one DING on anything... then these bone heads come along... sigh.

We have loads of little issues... like the granite counter has a space for the stove... that should be 30 inches wide. It's 29 7/8 inches wide... and believe me... with solid granite, it makes a difference. Lots of other little things that we need to find solutions for... like the fridge door hits a pot drawer handle when it opens wide... (not good) or the wiring circuit for the back hall is a bit messed... But all of it is stuff we can have fixed. I just need to stay focused on not being in a rush for any of it... and everything will be fine. :)

Suz and the boys are all doing very well... we've stayed healthy ('cept my sinus infection) and ... holy freaking crap are we ever all killa tired by the end of the day. Sigh.

I promise... I'll have loads of pictures and videos and all kinds of fun "new house" stuff... but I have to get to my office pc first... and seeing as the office is still ... boxes and mayhem.. that's a ways off. :)

~ blue ftls
~ pj pants
~ comfy white cotton sleep shirt...
~ another trip to home depot...
~ to install the wall oven...
~ try to install the range hood... (ahhh... )
~ work on office... (very long process...)
~ hopefully... bbq dinner. :)
~ I had another week of holidays to continue... getting sorted.
~ and that innerly is healthy and holding a new baby... :)

Birthday Catch Up Bonanza!!!
(from way back on the 9th) Happy birthday snwbrdette!!! to a beautiful little jackson-mommy!! :) May the year ahead ... give you plenty to sing about!
and happy birthday to mage67 May the year ahead keep you happy, healthy and ... swimming in good fortune.
(from the 10th!!!) A big happy birthday to my darl'en bratt72. May you and your growing family keep peace and prosperity close at hand.
and distantkaar Happy birthday Karen. May the year ahead bring you... cooperative understanding... a renewal of spirit and ... most of all ... hope.
And from today! Happy birthday jamesbaxter. May the sun find you healthy and rested... and moon find you at peace.

No newspaper... avoiding the news... remembering that the world is a dangerous place... and it only gets more dangerous when the dominate empire begins to fail.

Sooooo much to do... it's really kinda goofy. :)