August 8th, 2006



Ok... that's it.
Time to disconnect the panel
and pack up the router, the modem and all that.
If all goes well... I'll be on-line in some capacity by friday.

May peaceful days be served up as chasers for lifes small adventures.


This is us... all a 'posen' in front of our house on our last night here together.
The next time this crew will crash together... it'll be in our new digs. :)

ps. A very happy birthday to little miss (mrs) meekorouse. May you enjoy the celebration of your day and have a grand year ahead... full of fine fortune and good health.

Voice Post:

89K 0:26
“Hey how you doing? It's me, It's 4:25 in the afternoon. And I just sat down in the car after leaving the lawyer's office with the keys to our new house. So as of right now and for the next 2 days we officialy own two houses. We got so much to do.. Anyways I thought I'd just share. Hope you're all having a nice day. Ciao!”

Transcribed by: jgurney