August 4th, 2006


Friday, August 4


So here's the thing... no matter how you slice it... I'm still sick. My throat still feels like crap and all the lovely stuff that goes along with that.
I thought I was getting better... but perhaps there's a "worse before it's better" moment on my horizon. :(

The inspection went really well!!!
We spent a couple of hours going over the entire house with this guy ... (the owner of the building company) and he was full of information that we furiously wrote down. Important stuff about "what's a homeowners maintenance" issue versus "builder warrantee"... etc. and a lot of little "good ideas" (like put a couple of square feet of the carpet remnant on the wall in the walk out basement so it will fade at the same pace as the carpet in the family room... so you can use it for patching an ugly spot).
We addressed the "big issue"... being a change to the blue prints that we had them make but they forgot to translate into action when the house was built. (A door that opens to obstruct part of a closet door - sounds like a small thing... but it's a drag and it bugs us AND we took the time to make the change all official like... and there it is.. NOT DONE.) Believe it or not... this is not a cut and dry thing and so far all we have is his commitment to get back to us "in writing" next week.

Now... for today. I'm at home!!
Why? I mean... I did get up early, and drive to Hull, park and go up to my office... so why am I at home?
Was it because I felt crummy and was really hoping I could just turn around and go home? No?
I'll tell ya...
I'm home because, a multi million dollar, redundant, vastly complex network infrastructure supporting data and voice communications for this big government agency... was devastated by a guy that took a big dump.
A toilet plugged and overflowed on the 12th floor... the bathroom drain was also plugged... and the unchecked torrent of water found another path. The path it found was conduit that led from floor to floor DIRECTLY into the network / switch closets on each floor. AHHHHHH! Five floors of network closet destruction. It was awwwwwwwsome!
This was busy happening as I walked in.
Ten minutes later all the non-essential consultants were sent home. That's me. Captain non-essential and now I'm off till the 14th.

~ black ftls
~ was p-z jeans ... but it's hacky blue shorts now.
~ a white golf shirt. :)
~ um... well "a full day of work" is out.
~ drive home and stop into my Sis's new place and check it out?
~ then come home and take another tylonal "cold cap" and pretend I'm not dead.
~ spend the afternoon in the basement (it's hot again, btw) working on a nephew's computer.
~ try to write somethin 'bout BB7 tonight. :)
~ to send a heart-full-of-hope to carefreespirit
~ that krzy has another great day!!!! of sales!
~ for laurel714 to get that ac fixed
~ and to tell heatherbell that they get extra points for the positive attitude!

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday to a long gone hnoss! :)
And a big birthday squeeze to turrelle and may you find all the strength you need to hold on to your personal challenge.
And also a happy birthday moment way around the world to designergirl. May your current search bring to someplace absolutely wonderful... a place to have a great year in. :)

Four more dead Canadian soldiers in Afghanistan. "Blowed Up Sir."
People die and despite the line up of people waiting to tell the media that "so-and-so was a good soldier and believed in what he / she was doing..."
And I sit here... safe and sound and critical-of-government-policy, etc... and for a split second I wonder about how they really felt about the fight they are in.
And after that split second... I remember that it's all for shit.
The exact purpose of this battle is to stop the Taliban from providing a base of operations and support for Al Queda.
Sooooo... we will all play "occupying war lords" for a generation or two... expecting to make a lasting difference.
And there is just no way that's going to happen.
Oh, and mean while... Al Queda just went somewhere else to set up a base...
Maybe they went to Ohio... Perhaps we should attack just to be sure.

Oh, and did you see Secretary of Defense Rumpelstiltskin responding to the suggestion from the GENERALS INVOLVED IN THE IRAQ WAR that Iraq has descended into a civil war. HAHAHAHAHAHA! what a twit.
Iraq is / and has been / a total and complete failure.
All that remains is for the US Government to admit it.

My best friend, Jay... came over last night. Well, in point of fact... I drove across town, collected him and brought him over. He brought his bix tool and giant freaking wiring solutions brain and helped me out with taking my current house phone system off my bix panel and putting it back on a dumbed-down punch down block. So now I have DLS filters on the phones (used to only need the one filter in the basement at the panel) and we still have internet... and I can yank all the network cables and the bix panel when we move out. (those things are expensive!!).
Then I drove him to my dads house... where he gave my da a whole bunch of advice about the solarium he's building... and then I drove him home to his wife and kids... where he went on to get ready to go "family trailer camping" today... Sigh. Good friends are worth their weight in sunshine, liquid-joy and pure happiness.

I'm just totally boggled and snapped with all the stuff going on about the move.
We, here at corto-central, will be signing off on Monday and I have no idea how long it will take to get back on line.
Likely back on line by the 12th. :)

Now go and enjoy your friday!! :D
See ya on the flip.