August 2nd, 2006


Wednesday, August 2 (ahhhh!)

Ok... I feel like crap but if I gotta work, I might as well pretend to be feeling good. So I've got a smile on and a big fake 'tude of happy. :)
Mind you... it's stupid hot out and I don't have A/C in my little crappy car, so having to go back and forth between my car and my office building THREE TIMES before I started work (because I'm an idiot and kept forgetting things) was a real sweat maker and a drag. :)

I'm sitting in a board room right now ... knowing full well that my client boss is in another meeting... but she accepted this "meeting request" on the booking system so, that means I sit in this room till 11:00 regardless. sigh.

My poor head is just swimming with information and concerns... work, packing, moving, packing, inspecting, water, arguing with builders, dealing with banks, did I mention packing? kids, the heat, ahhhhhhh! This is a watershed moment in the life and times of corto. One big flip out is just a cunt hair away from my current reality but we're (zebra and I) keeping the hounds at bay.*

Meanwhile... I'm noting that my body is angry with me. It's been far too long since I've been to the skate park, and seeing as thats the biggest work out I get these days, I'm hungry for the physical activity.

~ blue ftls
~ dk green trousers... :D
~ beige, hmm... is this beige? must ask someone... short sleeve, button up shirt.! (SSBUS!!!!!)
~ to use SSBUS from now on!!
~ to stay cool... sweet mother of Widzig it's hot outside.!!
~ present a report to my client boss and get her feedback on progress to date.
~ prepare client time sheet report...
~ have lunch with my buddy Jay... :)
~ plug a bunch of remedy tables into my report...
~ drive home and sweat like a pig the whole way
~ write about bb7 tonight
~ eat another couple of oranges.
~ that earthgoddess enjoys a little good luck at the new job!!
~ to offer up congrats to yumikid as she's starting her masters
~ may there be many apples for the teach... er... aristophren
~ that lindalee_ ... feels a lot better... real soon.
~ and for Nola Banana (teaser) to enjoy peaceful easy days... soon.

Birthday moments...
If you don't list your b-day in your profile... I wont know about it. grok?

Dramatic escalations in violence across southern Afghanistan as the UN force assumes full control of the stupidly named "peace process".
Canadian solders arriving home in body bags and our government renews it's commitment to continue building peace (hahahaha) in the region.
Israel presses attack deeper into Lebanon, beyond Blah Blah Blah occupied territory, and the ground war at the border heats up.
Blah Blah Blah threaten to attack deeper into Israel with longer range rockets...
America refuses to accept a cease fire because it doesn't include the total destruction of the Blah Blah Blah...
Let me just say... Fuck afghanistan... and Fuck israel and lebanon. Fuck off completely and in case you weren't clear before... I am so sick and tired of these people that words cannot do justice to my unease. Next up... sending Canadian troops to Gaza to walk around without guns and keep the peace. Screw that!

Here's an idea... pull all the troops back from all over the world and lets overthrow Castro, make Cuba another State, and develop the off-shore cuban oil fields.

D'ya ever notice how the guys they feature in those weird-ass interviews with pedophiles where they actually debate the issues of sexual relationships with children... like they think we should all be cool with changing the laws... those guys almost always look like they live in a cave? Their fashion is all unibomber-chic, complete with the five-years-less-a-day beard. What we need is some good brainwashing process, so theoretically "reformed" pedophiles are programmed to swallow a bullet just as soon as they think about snatching some kid.
Note: this comment brought to you by the happy circumstance of young Zack being found alive and well.

Edward is quite the sound bite guy these days;
we're eating dinner and he says "I'm not hungry"...
I say, all indignant, "what do you mean 'you're not hungry!!'??
He says "Do I need to explain it in song?" and he begins to sing "I'm not hungry".
Where does he get this stuff?

Have a great day...
* and yes, I said cunt... deal with it.
It's a fabulous word and we should all say it more often.
cunt cunt cunt cunt cunt cunt cunt cunt cunt...
Don't be silly... it's just a word.

K... gotta jet. See ya.

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glorious, cooling... loud and pounding...


after days of exhausting heat...


and the first thing anyone says?
"we're out of milk... corto?"
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BB 7

Big Brother 7 Update!!

Big Brother 7

Mr. Angry Pants

Where in... the story begins to swirl menacingly around Janelle. It's the magic "plot mania" stage of the game, and there, in the middle of everything is a giant pink explosion... and, oh look! Will is there too. Surprise surprise. We get cruelty in the food games, and blood everywhere in the veto game.

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