July 31st, 2006


Monday, July 31

I called in dead to work.

Oh look... a dead guy.


~ black ftls
~ white t
~ a death mask
~ to lie in bed and be dead.
~ if I feel any better later... to go to a geek store to buy a hd for my SIL's laptop
~ I could focus
~ I wasn't sick
~ for peace in the middle east...

~ to send my sincere condolances to ossie. I hope you are able to help your mom in this time and that you both hold dear memories of your dad that will stay with you in this difficult time. Peace.

birthday momenets...
Happy birthday Mr. Wilson... :D (weswilson) Mr. Party maker... May there be many helping hands available to bring your dreams of to life... and I hope the next year keeps you and your new family healthy and happy.
Happy birthday Angela... (aint2nuts) I hope all is well with you... and that little Kate keeps you smiling. Have a lovely birthday and may the year come and go with you and your family in the best of health. :)

War really is ... just for stupid people.

A Bears Birthday

after soccer...
mix, bake and decorate a "white cake"...
(butter cream icing! hmmmmm!)
for Edwards Bear's Birthdays.
Grey Bear and Kitty. (visible, mind you, in picture number 2)

I'm at a place in life when I can be told of the impending birthday fete
and - without flinching - accept that I am required to prepare the cake... for teddy bears.

A Bears Birthday
These days will vanish,
As will the little boys world,
And live again,
Only as small memories.
Some within him,
But most within us.
Cherish each moment.
Indulge a little boys world,
Before it slips away.