July 21st, 2006


Friday, July 21

(sing it with "Blunt : Beautiful!!!)

My life is boxes...

My life is boxes, my house's a wreck...
I've got a tape gun... and a .. stiff neck.
The kids keep playing... they just don't seem to care.
But I won't loose no sleep at night... 'cuz I've got a plan!
You're moving... you're moving... you're moving in two freaking weeks man!!!!

(ok, it kinda looses the tune thing at the end there... :D :D)
(and sorry, groovysegue)

But I can say "my life is brilliant" and mean it. :)

It's twenty seven different kinds of beautiful outside (and that storm never materialized last nigh... "weather idiots" strike again!!!)
And it's Friday... suck it in... stick 'em out... hold it up... and smile man... it's Friday and ... life is wonderful!!

~ blue ftls
~ blue jeans (p-z again)
~ white golf shirt... with a tiny little coffee drip stain... sigh. :(
~ early meeting with my "boss boss"... (versus my client boss) - meeting went well. (understatement)
~ slogging away at the project all day... establishing relationships between tables of configuration data...
~ write about BB7 at lunch... (gonna be away Sunday... so no update after todays till Wednesday!!!)
~ possible run to the skate park tonight... I've laid off the park with Geo while they were in Horse Riding camp... in case he got "ouched" but... camp ends today!!
~ kiss zebra several hundred times...
~ you could reach out and poke me... so you could feel the electricity flowing through my body... :D
~ I could reach out and ... touch dishpan_nipples legs... all smooth n' stuff. :)
~ to smile at Christine... er... yummikid and tell her she's three kids of pretty... pretty sweet, pretty smart, and pretty...pretty. :)
~ that aireal has a nice time this weekend...
~ to smile at ldy ... just 'cuz.
~ and that carefreespirit finds there is leaning in the young minds... after all. :)

Clarity. You can call me a xenophobe or a racist... because I know its fun to call people names. But I'm neither of those. The issue of the 40,000 Lebonese "dual passport" holders that are being evac'd to Canada... and my attitude towards it is framed by the information that says a vast majority of those people do not have any "residency" status in Canada... no address... not paying taxes... not any part of our society other than the family connection twenty years ago that landed them a passport. I agree that a time of crisis is not the time to begin judging people ... but when the smoke clears, I believe the amazing expense we are going to in rescuing their sorry asses from the fiery hell of southern Lebanon is money we could better have spent on shelters for abused women, food banks, and a million other social programs here in Canada. So my comment yesterday about sending them a bill... was glib... but speaks to my perspective that fair is fair... If I call an ambulance, one comes right away... but I get a bill in the mail the following week. And there are social priorities that should not be subjected to a total rewrite because the people that seem to NEVER BE ABLE TO STOP FIGHTING WITH EACH OTHER ramped up their fight and scared a bunch of convenient Canadians.

THE BOTTOM LINE: for me is this... regardless of the human cost... the social impact and emotional context... this is just another example of the punk ass retards that populate the middle east blowing each other up again and everyone here in the west having to absorb costs because they can't figure out how to get along like normal fucking human beings. Screw off already. I'm sick and tired of all the crap... Vast demonstrations, destruction, and death over a bunch of cartoons a few months ago... trains blowing up all over the place... terrorists capitalizing on western ignorance and fears forcing our governments to mess with our social agendas because... what? A whole shit load of people in the middle east can't figure out how to control their resources and their tempers... Ass holes.

Helmet Wars are a'raging... apparently. A new Manitoba skate park is dealing with a public outcry for mandatory helmets... Nova Scotia has a "all wheel helmet" law. (If it rolls, you need a helmet to be on it) Newfoundland has a "mandatory helmet law for FIGURE SKATING" (BWAAHAHAHAHAHA.... kinda makes sense if you listen to any of those newfee jokes - ar ar ar ... ok ok ... stop, I'm just kidding).
The advocates for the helmet laws talk of the social cost for treating injuries, etc... and point to the success of the culture change to adopt seat belts via the seat belt laws.
My perspective is this:
A) don't use the seat belt analogy... Seat Belts apply to people for decades and decades... you can achieve cultural change in that time... but skateboarders are typically only "skaters" for about 3 - 5 years and then only very occasionally, if at all, after that. Buy the time you "train" them to use helmets with laws... they've stopped skating. With that calculation in hand... the kids will simply not, generally speaking, be wearing the helmets... they'll be arguing about wearing the helmets...
B) It's part Darwin here... if the late teenage skater wants to wear "hair" while he / she does trick skating... and clobbers themselves... well then they're dumb ass.
C) Like violent computer games and internet stalkers... I think the solution is parenting. While your kid is learning to skateboard... get involved and make sure they wear a helmet. They will fall, and learn to love the helmet... They may get "good at it" and then stop wearing the helmet... and ... that's prol'y just fine. But at least they wear it during the learning curve.
I wear my helmet ... because I have responsibilities to live up to the next day... so I can't afford to be injured. I also want to set a good example for my kids.

Oh my god ... I'm in such a freaking great mood I could just about burst. :)
Just say'en... :D
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true story:

Yesterday morning.
I hop in the car with a small mug of coffee...
The car is a stick shift... this becomes important later.
The coffee mug fits nicely into the "car cup holder".
Pop in a piece of gum for the drive.
I head to starbucks to buy a "grande mild" that will, in all likelihood, last till 10:30 or 11:00 in the morning.
It waits in the "other" car cup holder while I drive to work.

I decide I don't want the gum now, but I will want it later ...
So I plop it on the plastic cover of the Starbucks coffee and... drive on.

Sip sip sip from my coffee mug...

As I get closer to work... off the highway and navigating the downtown core ... just a few major intersections to go.
Waiting to turn left at a stop light...

I decide I want the gum.


I grab it... and it adheres firmly, and warmly to my finger and thumb.
It's practically liquid gum from all the heat coming off the coffee...
Yes, I should have realized this... but ... I had my stupid hat on.

I pull my hand away, and the gum - which has no intention of letting go of either the cup lid, or my finger and thumb - stretches out in a long thin line.

Ack... I return my hand to the cup lid and try to get it off me and back on the lid.
No dice.
More gets stuck to me.

Green light.


Right hand, with three distinct strands of warm gooy gum stretching back to the cup lid, grabs the shifter and pushes it into first.
And I have to turn...
So I reach for the wheel.

The spider web of sticky, yucki, gooy gum extends from the shifter to the wheel.
And I'm hand over hand turning left and ... spreading gum everywhere.
And I'm yelling things like "ahhhhh" and "shhhhhhhhhhhhit!!!"

I try once more to get it unstuck with the lid, and achieve sticky lines 4, 5 and 6.
A receipt from something blows up from the passenger seat and gets stuck in the web.
It's now a Jerry Lewis movie...

and I have to totally ignore it until I get somewhere to stop and ... unstick EVERYTHING.


BB 7

Big Brother 7 Update!!

Big Brother 7

Rocket Man Returns

Where in... Julie, resplendent in her silver leash, walks us through the next eviction, and we are treated to another Muslim 101 class with the K-mans family, an OMG moment with George, a secret alliance, a black Cher and ... damn if that's not a hookah!

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