July 20th, 2006


Thursday, July 20.

So I took Ed to his soccer game last night... after we three powered down a bbq pork chop dinner... Suzy was out by 6:15 to a running-room gig with her running mates. The game was a blow out for his team (they're really quite good for their age bracket). I got a whole lotta office packing done as the evening wore on and, in the end, it turned into a rather spectacular night with a comparatively early bed time. :D :D

Today is all this "wake up to sunshine" deal... but the weather idiots are saying it's gonna t-storm all afternoon. They (the weather idiots) couldn't find their head with both hands so I suspect we're either in for a tornado this afternoon or a t-storm in the middle of the night.

What with packing, prepping for the move, and all the work stress that's going on... we're leaving for a three day camping trip on Sunday. ???? Ahhhhhhh!!!!!!
(kill me now). Car camping to a lake (silver lake) with the boys to make fires, sleep in tents and play all day... Actually, it'll likely be great. :)

~ black ftls
~ red golf shirt (p-z)
~ and (sigh) p-z blue jeans... poster boy day...
~ more o'the same... but I'm on a roll with the project so it's all good. :)
~ get "water / well test" results back at lunch
~ smile stupidly all day long... (had a great night)
~ Geo soccer tonight (unless there's a t-storm)
~ bb7 tonight too...
~ to send big hugs out to hisbeauty... because I can.... hugshugshugs!!
~ that kristiseriously enjoys kitty. :D
~ that kendokamel doesn't get frost bite...
~ to smile at barefoot_dyke ... aka the mom with patience and class... (go you!)
~ and to congratulate the Sweet Sugar Cane of Kansas (er... wolfiegirl) on her recent ... choices.

Current - and raging - debate in Canada: What???? We have forty thousand Canadian citizens in Lebanon? Are you fucking kidding me? This is what we get for having such an open and generous immigration policy... unlike MOST other countries in the western world... who all seem to have somewhere around five thousand (or fewer) citizens in Lebanon. Ok Okay... fine... they're Canadian and we can't turn out back on that today. Sure... lets spend 50 to 100 million tax dollars on rescuing thousands of people who have not paid taxes in Canada for 10 to 20 years. I mean... a lot of them are citizens who "winter in Lebanon"... because they are Lebonese who happen to have a dual citizenship... but ... but ... no judgment... Lets spend the money and rescue them.
What, by the way, does that mean? We'll spend the moon to redirect ships and planes to get people from Lebanon to Cyprus or Jordan or where ever and then??? Fly them all to Canada? Sure... fine... if that's what they want... and then? Shall we build them all houses too? Again... no problem.

However... please present them with a fucking bill when this is all said and done.
TANSTAAFL baby... and it doesn't matter if your a citizen. Shit... I get a bill from the government every time I buy a bag of fruit (taxes)... so you can damn well bet I expect globe-trotting and housing bills to be sent to people who are conveniently Canadian when the chips are down.

The Human Genome Project:
So... they discover the little tiny gene sequence that determines skin colour. Ethnicity, in fact.
Science Geek: "These five lines represent the gene that is responsible for this person being black. This one is a white man, and here they are again but in this case, the subject is Asian. And we can manipulate that gene through a complicated gene therapy process..."
News Guy: "So... does that mean if you changed that gene sequence... those five little bits from that to that... the black person would have been born a white man?"
Science Geek: "Yes... exactly!"
News Guy: "Well ... what would happen if you just removed the gene? Can a person be, you know... not black, not white... etc??"
Science Geek: "Remove it? Take it away? Yes... I suspect we could remove that gene... destroy it ... but that would mean changing it from a human genome to a non-human sequence...We couldn't predict just how it would look but we would be making a being that has no race... no heritage... no humanity! Possibly a monster defying description... "
News Guy: "So, it would become Ann Coulter?"
Science Geek: "Exactly!".

A morning of horseback riding lessons... An afternoon in a pool... book ending this with kid games played in gangs... then an evening of soccer... makes for some seriously worn out little guys. The kids pass out at night the second they hit the pillows. :D It's brilliant.

Ok... time to jet.
See ya.
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In 1939... after Germany had been carved up and great chunks of it had been given to Poland and Hungary,
the seeds of the second world war were being sewn.

History recounts something called the "Gleiwitz incident"...
Germany, wanting to drum up support for aggression,had the Gestapo make a fake broadcast urging Poles in Silesia to rise up against the Germans.

Then they took that broadcast, along with Franciszek Honiok (a German who sympathized with Poles), to the Gleiwtz radio station.

They overthrew the station, put a couple of bullets in Franciszek's head and played their anti-german message on the air waves. Thus creating the appearance of Polish Insurgency.

This happened on the heels of Germany, in what was in theory "Peace Time", steaming a battleship (the Schleswig-Holstein) into the port of Gdansk where it opened fire on non-military targets.

Imagine... battleship cannons pounding civilian buildings... out of the blue.

Thus the German invasion of Poland heralded the debut of the horrors that we now refer to as the second world war.


Every year... on November 11 (in Canada... other dates apply to other countries) our war veterans and government sets aside some time to honor the memories of battle and make the annual grand pronouncement "Lest we forget..."

I'm sorry, but from a global stand point... I'd have to say we have forgotten and there is little chance we're suddenly going to remember.

Look around.

There are seeds being sewn ... every where.
WWIII is likely begun.

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ug... ok, it's great how most (but grrrr NOT ALL) radio stations have a "what song was playing when" clicky thing...
However... the song I'm a hunting for must have been on one of the stations that doesn't list what they've just played.

song info help?

It's kind of a dance-y, calipso, Lou Bega'esqu male lead vocal, deal but new...
well, newer than last year...
and it's getting lots of air play.
But do I ever hear the name of the song?

A lyric "... the girl of my dreams, is with somebody else.."

Any clues?