July 19th, 2006


Wednesday, July 19

(pic) hahahahahaa...

It's a great day in the land of me.
And I hope... sincerely... that your life lets you feel the same way.

~ dk blue ftls
~ black cotton cargos
~ dk blue b.u.m. short sleeve button-up shirt... help me with this... what do other people call a "button up shirt"? Just a "shirt" or does that confuse things with a T-Shirt? Or is this a dress shirt? Feels like a bit much for a short sleeve shirt... to call it "dress"... or just "button up shirt" after 6 years of this... you'd think I'd have asked before...
~ Yeah... still slogging away at my project at work. I am a little stressed about getting past a milestone... yet it continues to loom in the distance... grrrr!!!!
~ write something about BB7 at lunch...
~ Taking Ed to his soccer game tonight... Suz has something up with her Running Room gang... I don't have a "gang" (well, other than you guys... :D)
~ house-accounting needs to be done tonight... sigh.
~ that ladymeg1 gets to see the people she needs to see today... and that they can take good care of her!
~ to put some virtual arms around dinkydo ... just cuz...
~ for teaser to find her happy vibe for work again soon... or maybe new work... either way... a happy nola is a good thing!
~ and ... just a wee wish for random good things to wrap around yupjustme

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday sugar-nadz... (acoolsecretary) and may there always be a door into peace within easy reach as you make your way through another year. :)
And happy birthday Gare... mr. notandy... andysocial May you get "nuth'en but net" for every shot you take this year. Have a great celebration and ... enjoy that cake!!

So two teams of hot dog warriors, bent on ensuring that nobody in their neck of the woods gets to grow up with anything close to a normal childhood, wage a mini "war-lette" that gets all the CNN, and world news coverage they could possible want...
Meanwhile... a tsunami rolls over the southern tip of Indonesia... then an earthquake shatters another part of the Indonesia... hundreds and hundreds die... thousands are displaced and wounded... vast communities of dwellings...a washed away or toppled. Catch any CNN on that?

"To continue in English... press 2..."
"To speak to a Canada Post employee... press 20."
TWENTY!!!!!!! You gotta have patience to phone the post office...

There is no love ...
that comes anywhere close
to the sweet and sustaining love that fills you
like the love you feel for your child.

You can love...
you can think you know love.
But you learn that you knew nothing...
When you take a bite from this fruit.

K... time to sk8.
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BB 7

Big Brother 7 Update!!!

Big Brother 7

Scotch Free (and Un-edjumicated)

Where in... Diane spends an episode in tears, Nakomis sets herself on fire, Howie deals with shrinkage and Janelle smokes... !!!! It's Veto night... and - true to form - a "most boring" show.

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