July 18th, 2006


Tuesday, July 18

What a night!!! wow.
At 11:27... kids asleep... suz and I snugged on the sofa watching Treasure Hunters... house in state of controlled panic with boxes everywhere and mid-pack action in every direction... then ZRRRRRRRAAAAAPPPPK! Total power out.
The storm that rolled past us was simply unbelievable. I only saw a few select forks of lightening... but ... I could stand in Geo's room and watch almost endless lightening fill the sky.
The ground was lit by a very eerie silver burn from what amounted to an almost continual flash (oxymoron?) of lightening... Moments of utter darkness would punctuate the constant light show that kept the clouds illuminated from various and strange angles. It was outstanding... as was I, eventually... on my front lawn, in the utter but broken dark of a city without power yet lit by the million volts of electricity that was arching across the sky.
We eventually tired of the novelty and went to bed ... to wake up at 1:30 when the power returned and I reset various alarms, etc. so we'd have a proper morning. :)

~ blue stripee ftls
~ beige p-z jeans
~ beige kinda button up short sleeve shirt...
~ more of what I didn't finish yesterday... sigh.
~ lunch with my very best friend... :) (ok, next to suzanne :D)
~ tonight? bbq chicken and pork for dinner...
~ big brother... oh, and maybe watch the rest of Treasure Hunters...
~ gah... I have to get an update done for my moms web page... (dad's too... )
~ get a look at my nephews computer... crashed and burned yesterday... SIL is bringing it over today...
~ that all went well for darkbay at the We Judge You festival...
~ to smile and nod at whatilove who was recently given an exhibit in an art show to show off her exceptional pictures!!! (go you!! and congratulations)
~ to extend a little peaceful easy vibe out to wbahner as he marks something of a hard anniversary.
~ that I could see landmark... I miss that big guy... but he has been busy (snort)... making a career, family and home... (lazy sod!). :D
~ and to TELL EVERYONE to go read fragbert's post ... what post? [ :: this post :: ] hahahahaha... great stuff!!!

I'm conflicted about the thousands of foreign nationals stranded in war torn southern Lebanon. First of all... most of them are dual citizens who could care less about Canada ... unless of course, Lebanon is being bombed back to the stone age by a bunch of very angry jews. Then they are all "Foreign Affairs Canada is not doing enough to get us out of here and move us to safety." A really big part of me wants to say something a lot like "Shut up and find a hole..."
Meanwhile... hundreds of children will die today in Darfur from starvation, abuse, outfight murder and thirst. And a few thousand Africans will die, lonely and afraid from rampant AIDS ... and we're supposed to be all worried about a this idiotic Israel versus The Entire Arab World war shit.
I just can't say I'm all that broken up about the stupid war...
However... if Lebanese Canadians wanted to draw attention to the situation they could all just stop work in protest.
The cities would come to a stand still ... as everyone tried to get around all the stopped cabs.

Dear Bell Canada: Thank you for offering to move my Satellite Dish to my new home free of charge. It's very gracious of you to let me continue paying you and offering me no incentives to compete with the Rogers Cable people who - by the way - have a high speed internet solution available to me at my new address (unlike you guys). I will enjoy calling you up to cancel my phone... and my satellite service... and will be happy to accept the free HD PVR from Rogers... the two years of free HD services, etc... and their less expensive home-phone solution. Sucks to be you.

I am abso-fricking-lootly smoooshed over the notion that it's the 18th already!!!! We move on the 9th... that is just around the corner man... OMG!!!

Time to fly... see ya.
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two things:

~ after two days of mad-runny-nose ... I am no the proud owner of a stuffed up and very very sore head. ug.
~ got a vox invite your dying to give away...? cortitto@gmail.com I'm your boy.
~ wow ... thanks.

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In the interests of Clarity ...
On the subject of my space and things like VOX.

I am a livejournal kinda guy. This is my blog... period.
I have a "blogger blog"... but I joined that too late to score the "corto" handle.
I have a my space... "corto"... which gets a "hey... you stole my name, mutha" email occasionally...
Now I have a vox ... "corto"... and honestly, I will look at see what's what there... but my limited (oh I'm sooo special) time will not likely let me spend any great amount of time on vox. But I will name-sit and do so happily.

My Space... !!! Every single time I have clicked something to go to myspace... logged in as me or not logged in... I have been met with a screen filled with pictures of little girls wishing they were older and doing their best to act like they think they should if they want to convince people they're older... (clue - older girls are not all hoe bags... get a grip brittney) This is not conducive to review while at work... nor is it reasonable to check out when the kids are around at home... and when I'm finally alone at home ... I've got better things to do than navigate My Space. I do not like my-space... not in a box and not with a fox. However, I've heard it's the cat's meow for getting indi band music.

Vox: jury is still out and when I have an opinion ... I'll share it. :)

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I have the answer!!

The solution to the current problem in the middle east.

All the media organization just have to agree to start calling the "Hezballa"
... the "Blah Blah Blah"

After, like, three days of senior Blah Blah Blah Crew Chiefs; Ackmed and Mujibar, will be having a flip attack over all the "Blah Blah Blah"s in print and coming from the talking heads.

CNN: "And we're live with Mujibar Nez-Lala, Regional sub-commander of the Blah Blah Blah..."
MN: "No! Stop that. Hezballa! Not that Blah Blah thing!!"
CNN: "Yesssss, as I was saying Nez-Lala of the Blah Blah Blah and he's prepared to issue a...."
MN: "Ahhhhhh!! NO You are not listening! Why are you not listening? HERE ME! DOG... We of the Blah Blah Blah... ahhh SHIT, I mean the Hezballa, ..."

And you know... they'd get so freaking pre-occupied with the whole thing... they'd stop provoking Josh...