July 17th, 2006


Monday, July 17

Day one... "sports camp" for the boys... with Horseback riding lessons in the mornings and swimming in the afternoon. Next year? I'm thinking sailing camp...
Translation: I'm making lunches at night all week, and rousting tired little boys and dressing them when I get up in the morning.
ps. It's more fun to wake up and quietly sneak off to work...

Amazatron hot today... The weather idiots are saying things like "Well it's going up to 32 today but with the humidex it'll feel like 40 ... " OH SHUT UP... So nobody cares if it's 32 ... all they care about is that it's 40 fricking degrees and that your kid needs a bottle of water every hour if he's playing outside... geez.

When I left... Suz was bathing the boys in SPF45... :D

~ blue ftls
~ gray dress pants...
~ bright white dress shirt and tie... the monday "costume"
~ to populate a series of data tables with information describing the "messaging service" in this agency...
~ to start making a presentation on the tables mentioned above...
~ to send several notes to "The Builders" regarding our observations from the weekend. Grrrr!
~ home tonight to cool house, but I have to drive through hell to get there... (hot hot... no car A/C)
~ ug... must go to bank on the way home to deliver some documents...
~ to smile at the happy vibe that is surrounding murflegirl like a pretty fragrance...
~ that sirenity knows she does truly seem to be glowing ... lately.
~ and for only good things to be wrapping up my friend innerly

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday Mr. Boom (badaboom)!! May the year keep you in good health... bring you the screaming sounds of 4 stroke engines, and all the good times you can handle!

So lets say you know that Josh, the school bully, is not just the bully... he's also a bit of a nut case. He drives a big mean looking car, beats up little kids, spits on the teachers back when her back is turned and everybody say's he killed old lady Johnson's cat. You know he's a wacko... It's bad that he's a wacko and everybody wishes he would go away or maybe get institutionalized. You know for sure that if you mess with Josh... you have to face Josh-The-Crazy-Person. Maybe he'll really screw up someday and go to jail... Fine. But for now... it's just a really really ... really bad fricking idea to go into Josh's yard and kidnap some of his soldiers.
Measured response? Josh does not do "measured" responses... because Josh is fucking crazy. So don't be fricking surprised that the bottom half of Lebanon is a smoking crater. Not saying it's a good thing... just say'en... what the hell did you expect?
ps. Josh... get some help man... have you heard of Xanax?

The sad truth is... you can't fix your mistakes on your own schedule.
You break something... or someone... and all you can think of is your consuming desire to make it right...
But you have to learn to suck it up... and wait for things to settle.
Distract yourself...
But you will only make it worse if you try to force the problem to adhere to your guilty schedule of remorse and frustration.

Anyone know a good blogger or (maybe even) a journaler... who lives in Lebanon?

K... time to go. :D
See ya.
BB 7

Big Brother 7 Update!!

Big Brother 7

Find The Bread On Will!

Where in... the many overconfident personalities that came into the house, start to realize they are just one more log for the fire unless they start playing things closer to the hip. Except Will who can't stop plotting to be a liar, Howie who can't settle down or Erika, who can't stop the cream running down her thigh every time she sets her eyes on Kaysar.

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