July 15th, 2006


Saturday, July 15

be wary wary quiet... I'm hunting wabbit...
Up and ... totally alone at 10:30 in my house... alone, only in so far as everyone else is asleep... I'm the last to bed and the first up. Lazy sods. :D

And yes... I know I never post on Saturdays... todays just a wee exception because I wanted to bitch about sho.com not displaying web pages to me... I will likely now find the same pages on some canadian web site... but whatever.

It's dark and evil looking outside... but still bitchen hot ... with no sign of easing up. We're supposed to go up to 34 on monday. 34 is hot... No Mary, it's not Phoenix hot, but it's still hot. :)

~ blue ftls and a white sleep-t. :)
~ shower (in five minutes)
~ house visit...
~ welcome my nephew over... because he's babysitting the boys...
~ take suzanne out to dinner to "The Keg Manor"... (birthday is tomorrow).
~ shower her with gifts...
~ come home and relax. :)
~ oh, and pack.... always packing.
~ that no manages to survive the relatives...(even the brand new ones)
~ for less itch'i'ness with doodle
~ and that somebody would offer to buy nerdular's x-box and games... (no, really)

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday dana! (modernarchetype). May you find a camping trip in the not-too-distant-future... You have definately been a wonderful add in the land of journal friends and I do hope that the year ahead brings you great happiness and keeps you in the best (better!) of health.
And kaylee!!! Mz Super Camera Mamma... you just rock it sugar... Happy birthday sugar-kay and may you find every great excuse in the universe to keep on snapping pictures and sharing them. :)

"We at Showtime Online express our apologies; however, these pages are intended for access only from within the United States."
~ First of all... CRAP!... second of all...how the hell do they do that? Do I have to go through some funky proxy/anonymizer thing to get to read those pages? Evil sho.com!!

August 14... first episode of Weeds Season 2. I'll be in the new house for just under a week by then...