July 12th, 2006


Wednesday, July 12

So... yet another day that is supposed to be filled with rain. We'll see.
Geo and I went to the skate park after dinner last night... brought Edward, because zebra was out on a run. He vacillates between liking going to the park and being bored. I gotta get him to try his skate board again. Geo fell on his bum... it was mighty ouchi. The boys have "horse riding camp" next week... so Z has asked me to please leave off on the skateboard stuff for a bit. :) So yeah, I can do that...

ps. deep fried fat, rolled in sugar and chunks of apple (aka an apple fritter) is a yummi mid morning snack. :)

~ blue strippee ftls
~ dark green dress pants
~ white golf shirt...
~ Again with the work work work thing... ug.
~ get a bunch of letters in the mail... so a post office run at lunch
~ visit a jeweler... "are these real diamonds?" and I'm sure she's gonna laugh, but ... they scratched the mirror, so maybe...
~ write about BB7...
~ chill ... :)
~ that jethro doesn't find himself sitting with anyone named "The Professor" or "Skipper" on his seminar...
~ for stephiechai little sugar (Hillary) to have a great time... regardless of how well she does... at the swim meet. and, btw, it's kinda cool when diff people on my fl are talking about a place (the Toa Payoh Swimming Complex) in a far off land (Singapore)
~ that my friend... the giggle girl... (gigglecam) managed to get through the challenges that dogged her in June.
~ and that a little bit of "fair is fair" catches on with abbeyrd's employer!!!!

Troops rolling into Lebanon? wohoooo... yeah baby... that middle east peace process investment is really paying off.

Did you know that the Indian Government implemented a comprehensive rail system surveillance system last year... installing 1100 cameras across the land. And when they turned them all on... they recorded 47 seconds of 2200 hands reaching towards them with screwdrivers and wrenches before they all went black.

After weeks ... I've finally found something (well, "a roll" of somethings) that I've been searching high and low for (and driving many a cashier nutty about). Now I need to confirm a few addresses... :D :D :D

No really...
maybe you need to be, like...
totally alone... and that's ok,
but ... somehow...
find a time today to, you know, do a little jig.
Dance with yourself for a few moments.
I recommend the Tim The Tool Man Taylor's wife's "remember disco" dance style...
You know there is no way between here and the deep blue sea that you can do that and not end it with a big goofy smile on your face.

And everybody has a better day if they snag a really big goofy smile at some point...
So... dance.

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so "The Who" ... are going to be doing a show in ottawa towards the end of the summer... or so they will announce tomorrow (a little bird just told me).

that... boggles my mind.

I demured from interest in seeing The Stones last year... but The Who? ... wow.
I can only imagine how quickly the tickets will fly away...
BB 7

Big Brother 7 Update!!

Big Brother 7

Give Us A Kiss ... Love.

Where in... we get to see the blossoming love of two young men and anticipate great drama. George guarantees that the Mensa people will leave his family alone and Big Brother lets us watch Danielle and Allison have barf poured on them... How fun is that?!

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the hand

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Looking for ideas;

Any suggestions out there for software
I can download onto Geo's computer that
would let him play with "beat mixing"...
I'm gonna put [ :: wave pad :: ] (et. al.)
on his system to "edit sound" with...
but what about "creating sound"?

Something "fun" and not all geeky hard... I wanna say "kid concious" but ... nothing is and everything is... so it's hard to use that a filter.

ps. the hidden gem in this post is that wave
pad software... free and works like a charm
(editing wave, mp3, etc.)