July 11th, 2006


Tuesday, July 11

Today is ectv day...
Why? because she's twenty seven different kinds of wonderful, a great mom... with a busy little womb-like oven, a lovely voice (Nikki Radio baby... I can still remember your "call ins") and defiantly in need of some karmic explosion of great vibes... so ... I'm making it ectv day and enjoying myself. :)

Yea, so on the way to bed last night... laying on the bedroom floor doing crunches... I open my eyes to see Z over me with this stuff on her face and she's saying "wow, this is cool... you should let me do this to you..." Next thing you know, my face is ON FIRE. Flames shooting out of my eyes... ok... no flames... but this "essence - lime extract" or whatever the hell it was... is rubbed into my skin and my skin is officially on fire. After the five minute torture session, we wash it off... along with the outer layer of my face and spray this moisture stuff on ... and yikes man. My face felt all "taught" and smooth and stuff... but sweet mercy ... gah!!!
Personally, I'd rather open my eyes to see her holding handcuffs saying "this is cool... you should let me..."


it's s'posed to be a day of rain... still waiting.

~ black stripee ftls
~ black cotton cargos
~ black t and a beige short sleeve dress shirt... tuck tuck tuck...
~ up and at'em... but not early 'nuf to get to the Newspaper publishers factory and grab a "paper roll end" (for packing dishes - the "end of a roll" has a tonne of paper on it!!) ... so that's for tomorrow.
~ go to this specific post office sorting station to meet some specific post office dude and ... get the key to our new mail box. (excitement)
~ now... go to work and be a supa - stah. er... well, sort of ... whatever. :D
~ Dinner at my units house tonight... my mom is off on a painting excursion, so it's dinner with daddy. :0
~ tonight? More of that Big Brother stuff... yeah, I know I said I wouldn't watch... but ... I caught the bug... mostly because I just know it's gonna suck and I'll get lots of material to rag on them about. :)
~ more packing...
~ to send a few good thoughts out to wbahner for his Dad...
~ for dinkydo to have... a great last day... :D
~ that captain Dave (thetech) gets some relief for a bit of a sore thing going on today...
~ and that Child Services don't get wind of the horrors going on in that Kansas Chicka's (wolfiegirl) house... kids in cages and the like... ahhhhh

Birthday moment.
Happy birthday Karen (dixiemine30) although you will likely not see this... :D Have a great day where ever you are and I hope all is well with you and your little B. :)

If you think the state of Israel has shitty foreign policy and you disagree with the political process there, let alone think they are a bunch of yahoo's bent on suffering through stupid ass "my dog is bigger than your dog" battles... it does not mean you are an anti-semite. The only people who conclude that are... big surprise... the pussy jews that are running amok in Israel. Personally... I think anyone that acts the way the Israelis are acting ... are ass wipes. It really doesn't matter if they're jewish. But it sure deflects the issues to start yelling about anti-semitism...
Now that doesn't mean I don't think the Palestinians are not a bunch of smack monkeys that don't show any signs of ever getting over they're jealousy of what a great show the Israelis made of the small bit of desert they were allowed to live on.
What really burns me though, is how much money Canada and the US keep spending to shore up the Israeli state and support their stupid policies and pathetic money grubbing so-called "peace plans". What a crock.

R.I.P. Syd Barrett... so long and thanks for all the pink.

Do you know who ms_right_rn is? no... of course you don't... but you should.
Go nick over to her lj and say hey... she's a good girl...
and you should make friends with her and explode her friends pages with all kinds of sharing and love and stuff...
no really. :)
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See those?

Change of Address cards... a whole box full of them...
Hand made by little miss misha... er... mrs... um..willedit.
My editor. :) (ar ar ar... I wish!)

Thank you for taking such great care of us Michelle.