July 9th, 2006


Sunday, July 9

Holy beautiful day! Yesterday too! Just amazing... If you were ordering a weekend from the weather menu, this would be the expensive, snazzy main course!!

Yesterday ... just as lovely. We got up and made a run to the house after suzy got her hair cut and ... they didn't have a key! The master is with the lawyer already and the copies were with the "trades".... grrr! Hopefully, they got a key yesterday or this morning... 'cuz we wanna go back.
The outside is looking nice! :D They've started the landscaping, what with fill going in and the septic "yard" being tubed-up and graveled, etc.

We went to a community pool... one that has a diving board... and the boys were total water rats. :D
And man, is swimming a full-body-work-out or what?

~ black ftls
~ khaki shorts
~ cape cod shirt. :) (man, I loved cape cod!)
~ well... to call and see if they have the darn key!
~ do a "house" update
~ skate park? (Yes, I'll be taking it easy)
~ possible house visit
~ and ... zero stressing today...
~ oh, and little packing here and there.
~ there were fewer bugs in the life and times of mspish
~ ... I was allyn... well, for a day... especially if it's like his yesterday. !
~ that kataish didn't have to get up so early
~ and to send a nostalgic smile out to tassy

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday Shara... (suburbiadaze) and may you ... save plenty this year... :)
And dana7880! (I see you sneaking around)... Happy birthday sugar and I hope you have a wonderful year
... and to a likely absent _sickchick, I hope you're somewhere enjoying the day. :) Happy birthday.

and it's sunday... time to get busy having fun!~ :D

See ya on the flip.

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k, I know I have to file my nails... when I start typing differently to account for their being too long.
No they're not drag queen long... I love to have almost perfect nails though and I've let 'em get a wee bit long.
I can click-type or mush-type.
Click-type: tilt up fingers to type with finger nails...
Mush-type: tilt back fingers to not let nails hit and end up with mushy finger-print zone keystrokes.

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House-ie update. :)

So we went yesterday and had a visit with the "outside" ... because they didn't have our KEY!
Still lots to see though, because they're starting to dig into the outside issues.
Recent photos...

[ :: And a fun video from yesterday... :: ]

Go to [ :: Casa de Corto web :: ] to link into the gallery, or see the video archive. :)

ps. as at 8:30 pm EST, my hosting co. is running evil slow... it'll likely be better within the hour.
~ I think it's better now...

Reminder: [ :: Flip 4 Mac :: ] offers a free codec for MAC users that plays .wmv files (the videos on my "house web" perfectly. I know a) it's free and b) works perfectly because I set it up on my MIL's iBook and it was a no brainer.