July 7th, 2006


Friday, July 7

Ok, so I watched the BB7 deal last night... and I am just so seriously never ever ever ever going to be a fan of that skag Allison. Holy crap...

There's sunshine sneaking into every window and the air is flipping perfect.
Of course, I'm in cube land... so whatever. The drive to work was nice. :)

Tatyana was amazatron... very thick russian accent... pretty, middle aged woman ... but when it comes to massage... I don't care what you look like. It's all about the hands. And the T-girl had magnificent hands. She talked talked talked... but this was good, because a) I love the accent and b) she was explaining how stuff was going to work with the injuries... I had a bit of a headache last night, and the ghost of one today... but this is to be expected. I am not, however, in any great pain from the accident. Neck is ok... Little bit stiff on the side to side turns and there's a very sore spot still on the top of my left ass cheek. T-girl put some good time into the butt massage and that is a sure-fire way to melt me. :) The Massage Tech "how to fold a human in a sheet" thing is a bit silly but I suppose it's part of the "massage therapist credo" or whatever... I'd rather they just yanked the covers off, sat on my ass and started going at me... but the "walk around the massage-gurney" is good too. :)

~ dk blue ftls
~ blue p-z jeans... that used to fit grrrrrreat... now? Cinched a bit...
~ blue blue blue short sleeve button up shirt.
~ yes indeed... it's blue day. :) (sox are black)
~ get up... and check for my mark... underpants and sleep goop in eyes.
~ dance around office, do the "stir the pot" thing for a bit... then have a shower.
~ get the kids up and into their swim jams and then get myself off to work. :) :D
~ bang zoom... (translation: got to work on time!)
~ email test results to boss...
~ have a "see ya later" lunch with team for a co-worker... who will be a "previous co-worker" come monday morning
~ major meeting at 1:30... sigh
~ meet a friend for coffee at 3:00
~ write something up about BB7
~ have a GREAT FRIDAY night. !!!!
~ that ladymeg1 finds herself chased around by her own smiles all day ... :)
~ to congratulate tracylee on her photo-shop wizardry...
~ that I could run to nbbmom and squeeeeeeeeeeeeeze her.
~ to smile at russian friends - even the ones with scary icons! (I love that I have friends in so many far flung countries... :D :D :D)
~ and for friends that have ... faced their fears... made the hard choices... just say'en... go you. (you know who you are).

Ever done anything stupid when you were drunk?
Something that can be complete removed from the history of time by dumping a bucket of water on it?
Should you now have a permanent criminal record because of it?
Well the guys that got "photographed" drunk'enly pissing on a monument during the drunk fest of Canada Day Night Party are being charged with Mischief. Actually, that's quite a serious crime in the code and has a broad range of sentences associated with it.
Meanwhile, some guy somewhere is beating his wife... a kid is raping his date... some punk is robbing a gas station... you know... real crimes.

Hey... did you hear? Steve-O Harper gave the Dubbya some serious head in Washington yesterday.
Heck, he was mopping up his lips and cheek at the podium.
And sure... we all need to be in a panic and paranoid about the raging North Korean threat to Canada...
Perhaps America should invade and bomb the crap out of North Korea... and then Haliburton can rebuild it...

[ :: My very Big News :: ]
~ does the big happy dance. :)
Honestly, I was so worried about this it was making me unhealthy.
The relief I feel is ... remarkable.
:D ~ beams.
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BB 7

Big Brother 7 Update!!

Big Brother 7

All-stars Schmalstars...

Where in... the brainiacs at the CBS Dept. of Induced Personal Suffering (DIPS) sort things out to provide instant ROI with several wannabe "all stars" being left holding their, uh, bags (so to speak) while an unimaginably "favoured" group gets chucked back into the latest Big Brother peep show. Oh, and the rose on Lisa's big white shirt looked like a growing blood stain (she didn't get picked). Oh oh oh,... and thankfully, Brokeback Brainless (cowboy) didn't get picked either. We instead, get to watch angst ridden named for a demon Nakomis tool around in the house with the "hot girls".

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