July 6th, 2006


Thursday, July 6

Thanks for all the care guys! :D
I was pleasantly surprised that I was not in agony when I woke up today... My neck is a bit stiff... and my lower back has an ouchi spot... but I've been here before and this will get better. :) If I hurt myself bad enough to be out of action for the move... clearly I will be late... in a Douglas Adams sorta "the Late Corto" kinda way... so I promise to be very careful. I'm gonna book a "deep tissue" therapy session asap (Yo Vaun... you rock man...) and get me all bedda! :) ps. It's so much more in my shoulders than my neck... god I'm glad I had a helmet on... :D

It started out with hard core sunshine... but I'm seeing clouds now. We'll see how the day shapes up for soccer tonight.

The boys have been in several years of swimming lessons - as many of you may already know... ahaha... :D - anyways... the "level system" has been "aqua - swim levels 1, 2, 3, etc... 10" and then some bronze cross action after that... Geo is at 7 and Ed is at 4. So Suz booked the boys for their classes ... but low and behold, the Kanata Leisure Organization has changed from "aqua swim" to "red cross" levels. The skinny version: The kids were doing back strokes and diving etc... in Edwards class and Geo's were sorting out 14 lap endurance swims. BWAAHAHAHa ... I mean... Ed can jump in the deep end and swim a stroke or so... but diving? backstroke? Oh man the poor guy was sooooo feeling out-of-sorts about it! And Geo's class? hahaha... advanced swimmers. He was actually not so bad off but there's no way he has the capability to do anything but struggle to keep up with them... (aqua swim level 7 = redcross level 4, etc. - I think) Any ways... Suzzy caught on yesterday and has rescheduled the swimming with proper levels ... and today was day one with the new classes, which start EARLIER. So we were all up and att'em early today. :)

PS: Big Brother Starts tonight...

~ black ftls
~ black cotton cargos
~ white golf shirt... :)
~ being nice to my neck...
~ early start to work day
~ scheduling and reporting nightmare at work... but never mind... it's just work.
~ home for quick dinner and geo soccer tonight.
~ maybe a little "warm pack" action on the neck tonight. (honestly, not so bad ...yet)
~ I was a bit less of an idiot sometimes... :)
~ huge congratulations out to bramey on landing the ... new position. (sounds porno huh... s'not... just a job. :D)
~ for loads of power-mommy strength to support some decisions in the life and times of carefreespirit
~ that barefoot_dyke would WAKE UP!! :D
~ and to smile at sirenity as she learns the deeper meaning of "don't stick beans up your nose...".

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday to laekia... an absent journaler... and the mommy of darl'en little girls.. I hope you are doing well sugar and that you have a grand day today.
And HB to jeremyb!! May today be loads better than ... well, yesterday! Have a great year and may you find yourself wrapped up in all kinds of love this year.
Happy Birthday Dave!!! (greenwavedave)... May the events of your year conspire to shrink the distance between you and ... the love'en spoonful. :)
and finally, a happy birthday to Sara... (greyenigma) although her bloggo-time seems to be on xanga now... never the less... may you have a grand adventure of a year lil'sugar.

Will you still need me... will you still feed me... when... I'm... sixty four...
Unless, of course, I drop dead while vacationing in Aspen like the rich criminal I am...
Dear Dearly Departed Lay... hows the heat down there?

So on Canada Day the nations capital is shut down and the downtown core is flooded with people walking and ... drinking. It's a vast party with a huge bandstand set up on Parliament Hill and live shows all day and night. It's a vast party yo. Now... in the middle of downtown there is a "war memorial" and a few kids... 14 - 16 year old kids were photographed by a war vet in the late hours of the night... while they took a piss beside the monument. Well now.... Let the witch hunt begin.
Their photographs were published in the newspapers, on the POLICE web site and ... people are talking about fucking lynching these guys... Let alone a call to establish a NEW LAW to protect war memorials from pee... and establishing a year'round guard for said memorials.
Oh My Fricking God.
First of all... we have a law on the books that says it's against the law to piss in public... I think there's a fine attached to it. GOOD ENOUGH. "More LAWs" is never a good answer to a problem and the government should not enact laws for situations... but rather laws for society as a whole. i.e. It's bad to pee in public, don't do it, and if you do we'll fine you.
Second: fuck off old man shotting pictures of some kids taking a piss. How many other ADULTS pissed on various memorials on canada day night in the middle of hot sweaty, drinking party, downtown Ottawa? Did you take any of their pictures?
And all this is supposed to what? Re-invigorate kids appreciation for the war vets?
Put more porta-potties in the middle the outdoor party and take a hose to the memorial on July 2.
Angry and put off about this mess in so many ways it's hard to coral my thoughts!!!

So we must have missed an episode of Treasure Hunters... what happened to the girl that hurt her leg? And how many times are we gonna get to laugh at the huge black guy getting stuck in things because he's way to freaking fat to be playing a hard core physical challenge in a race across the planet? wtf was he thinking? He's out now... hopefully for good... Next Up... overweight, stupid, Asthma boy... again... wtf are you thinking getting involved in a race like this? Tool.

Alrighty... me and my back are gonna get to work ...
later ... er... skaters. :)
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Ok... I get tonnes of Japanese advertising... "in Japanese"... but I blame no
buy why o why is google targeting me with a bunch of "Pimples? Acne? www.howtogetridofacne.com" advertising?


Oh, and I'm out a bit early today... because I have a 5:00 session with someone named Tatiana who is a "deep tissue therapist".
Kinda sounds like she's gonna hurt me.
fun. :)

See ya tonight.
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