July 4th, 2006


Tuesday, July 4

By the time I was at the pc to take a picture... Geo was at Suz's station playing Runescape. He's busy showing me something ...!! :)

The boys start swimming lessons today... so Suz is up and the boys are dressed. It's a lovely day for swimming lessons... sunny with clouds, and muggy warm. The pool will be cool and refreshing! :) (I bet suz will wish she could hop in!!!)

A new co-worker starts today... My client ran a "government board" to hire a "release manager" that turned into a "process manager" and I have to form some opinions for the boss about whether or not this person is going to hit the ground running or need development. I meet her in an hour or so ... She's either going to be a big help... or painful. Fingers crossed!

And... what with mother nature (crack hoe that she is) delivering rain ever time we planned a skatepark trip this weekend... I'm very seriously looking forward to some time at the park after work... !!

~ blue ftls (I threw out a green pair last night and I think Z about fainted...)
~ gray dress pants (still fit but... getting a wee bit tight again... must be my slovenly behavior this weekend)
~ dress up day with the white shirt and tie thing...
~ up and ironing a shirt... cleaning up, eating, and out the door in good time... after waking everyone else up. :D
~ starbucks for a road coffee... (don't do this often but I soooooooo enjoy it)
~ check that damn mark later... (sigh)
~ do client time sheets today!!
~ and get started on another week of flip out at work. :) (it's a very crazy time in the work zone)
~ tonight? watch some more of that Treasure Hunters show... (wow, talk about ridiculous stereotypes for teams!!!!)
~ that lynspin manages to get all drippy wet... and even though that sounds all porno... I really don't mean it that way...
~ for mzbean to feel miles better... very soon,
~ to send all kinds of lj love out to dear hisbeauty and wish for her and her family to find strength in good memories.
~ and finally... many wishes for safe "adventuring" out to a little piece of bratt72 named Kodee!!! :D

Birthday moment...
A very happy birthday out to iamharmony... and my sincere wishes of good health and fortune for you and your family.

Heard Six Pence None The Richer singing "there she goes" on the radio on the way to work... they used that song in a cutesy movie about girls coming of age, and crap like that... Not a bad legacy for a song about a HEROIN ADDICT GETTING A FIX. Hollywood is remarkably stupid ... truly.

I don't understand why drawing out a pint of your own blood ... and pouring it back into yourself prior to a race is considered "doping". Given that there's no drug added to the blood or that your not using the "clean blood" to mask doped blood... what's the problem here? (I know I know nothing about this subject... but this is - apparently - the WIDA issue with a bunch of cyclists and all kinds of shit is coming down on the Tour de France about it).

pin drop...
Well ... sometimes if feels like that.
Which is all neither here nor there... but curious how the ebb and flow works.

ps. A very happy independence day to my friends in the big ol'US of A. May you live to see peace rise from the wreckage of your governments foreign policy, and may someone soon put a pie in Schwarzenegger's face...

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so basically it was like watching Evil Kineval jumping over a canyon...
you expect him to crash and you kinda wanna be one of the people
that was watching when he does.

fortunately the safety issue that the engineers at Kennedy decided
wasn't serious - those guys with the great track record - didn't
atomize the shuttle on the way up...
Now they just need to get through the whole "down" thing.

personally... I say hurry up and get the carbon monofilament
elevator thing going... and stop all this "escape velocity" crap...