June 30th, 2006


Friday, June 30... JUNE 30???? Tomorrow is July... geezus murphy!!! time is flying!

Ok... so this morning was lovely. It's been a long time since I've had a morning like this... up with alarm clocks... snoozing because I can, then up, shower, dress and meander downstairs... All done without speaking, waking anyone else, dressing anyone else, or cajoling anyone to wake up! Edward showed up in the middle of breakfast... I was enjoying the paper, coffee, apple/cinnamon cheerios and a grapefruit. :D :D Ed wanted to (no kidding) lay down on the beads* and move around for a bit, then head to the basement to play warcraft. I gave him hugs (he'll take 'em in the morning well 'nuf... it's the bed-time hug action that I have to coax out of him), snuck up to brush my teeth and give quiet smooches to Geo and Suzy and then boom... off to work and in ggggggreat time.
Yes indeed... School is out... Suz is done work for the summer... and now it's all about gearing up for the move. :)

Speaking of the "move"... we went to the house yesterday... not a lot has changed since the weekend, except that they've finished the tiles in the bathroom and the fireplace. The big trippy walk-in shower deal is g-g-g-g-g-g-g-gorgeous... but the fireplace is a disaster. We are preparing to make some calls that will mean... $$ flows out and a better looking fireplace flows back... I hope. sigh.

~ black ftls
~ blue p-z jeans
~ black t and white golf shirt... marginally "casual" today... hard core would include shorts, keds, and people saying "ewwww... man are you ever white..."
~ busy day (d'uh... like I ever have boring days... in-fact, I'd kinda dig having a boring day... like ... even just one... ever... forchristssake....)
~ meeting with client boss in 10 minutes to tactfully talk about why the organization is insane (strange and bad choices being made 'round these parts) (note: back from meeting... things are well and truly off the deep end around here. According to this logic, I could be here for a decade trying to get things sorted out from an ITIL perspective).
~ driving down a little more data in a "service chain mapping" exercise...
~ eating Indian Butter Chicken for lunch... because President's Choice frozen entre land is my lunch bitch and I love her... even though it likely makes me tired by 2:00 pm.
~ no soccer tonight... although the day has been rather rainy in prospect... but if not... then skate park!!
~ tonight? well no more 24... maybe I can watch one of the Treasure Hunter epi's I have on tape... when is that show on?
~ of course that all assumes I can tear myself away from packing some corner of the house into boxes.
~ to send out all kinds of Dave Magic for inspectorjury today... :)
~ to congratulate dinkydo on the big changes and big decisions... :D
~ that the weekend includes a phone call for nbbmom
~ and for Sensie njtech... the PO Black Belt... has a great weekend.

Birthday moment...
Happy birthday out to kaleidoscopeeye the big shot! :D Have a grand day sugar and I hope the year ahead rewards your hard work with gentle comfort.

Have we nothing better to do than torture small people in cuba, terrorize desperate people in Gaza, or destroy ignorant people in Afghanistan? No ... course not. Why worry about global warming... that's just a ploy by the tree huggers to get us to... um... build a giant mirror in space? what?

Dear Mr Harper (canadian prime minister)
~ where'd you get the 15 billion for the new trucks and choppers for the armed forces? I thought we were broke and couldn't afford to support medicare, teachers, clean water, senior citizens, transportation, civic infrastructure or social programs for abused partners? Fifteen billion dollars? Are you out of your fucking mind?

Suz bough a bag of red, bag of white and a bag of black beads ages ago. The kind of beads you would thread on string with little silver clasps and make little artsy bracelets. So far so good... we sat with the kids and made "senators bracelets" at some point (black, red and white). That time has long since vanished ... Now? Now the beads are kept in three separate little bins - in the odd circumstance that they are packed away - and normally "stored" by spreading them out across the family room floor. Edward plays with them... I have videos ... pictures... it's just amazing. He sits and lets them cascade through his fingers... just for the tactile sensation... other times he pours them into forms and shapes making beautiful art on the carpet... or he brings in the voices and establishes some kind of a game / battle / event among the beads, while he supplies all the voice and effect sound tracks. :)
Odd thing is... I can lay on the floor and play with the beads for hours too. I don't ... because I couldnt find the time if you begged me... but yeah... I could spend hours just goofing with a small bucket of beads.

K... time to work work work.
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warning: Boring stream-of-blah-blah-blah-consciousness post...

If the school board in your district told you that they after everything was said and done, they were still short and had to decide between a cut back in Sports* or Arts** programs at the school... and gave you a vote, what would you say?

*"Sports" funding in school is typically the support for extra-curricular team and school-board-league sports, "club" participation in tournaments
**"Arts" funding in school... um, things like funding for Dramatic Productions, Music/Band/Orchestra, Dance, Creative Projects in the community, "club" participation in recitals.

I was thinking about the sad truth that Arts programs get cut... get gutted... before anything happens to sports (or so it has been in the past... but I could stand-to-be-corrected). But when school is all done and drifting away behind you, you find that there is sooooooo much money in professional sports and soooooo little money in "the arts"... why don't school boards get Pro-League sports organizations to sponsor their "school sports" programs? (and therefore foster the prospect of the Arts actually not being cut when the belt tightens)

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about to take down my "over the desk picture board" as a part of the packing process...
So, because I take pictures of everything... I took a picture of that... :D