June 29th, 2006


Thursday, June 29

~ geez, that corto... always with his hand out. :)

Happy day in the world of me.
Sadly, NO MARK yet... grrr... And a massive cloud burst soaked the world then returned to bright and lovely sunshine... so it's a lovely day... with a wet skate park.
Oh, did I mention that I'm not at work? ar ar ar...

Suz is on her last week of work before taking the summer off to mind the kids and do a few contracts-from-home ... she's a DTP goddess (in case you were wondering), and with the kids out of school... I'm staying home today to cover.

Slept in...

~ black ftls
~ blue shorts
~ blue p-z shirt
~ a smile. :)
~ take kids to units house...
~ pick up suz at work...
~ go to house and snap some picks... (they are closed - no access - all weekend this weekend, so todays the day!!)
~ take suz back to work
~ get kids
~ take 'em to a late lunch somewhere...
~ go to "Audio Centre" to talk ceiling speakers
~ check skate park for wetness...
~ geo soccer tonight.
~ AND watch the last half hour of 24. We were just tooooo bagged last night to finish.
~ that redfenix is more careful what she puts in print... she clearly doesn't want 7 inches of fun and excitement.
~ to say that kay has a lovely little boy...
~ to congratulate balljar on [ :: PhotoPlasia :: ] - his new website... and his photos are awsome!!
~ and that little miss Yummi... er... yumikid enjoys her Buffy...

Birthday moments...
A very happy birthday to caroline75 .... so much time has gone by... so many wonderful and exciting changes in your world since we met here in la-la-land... It is my sincere pleasure to offer up hopes for a grand year. Happy Birthday sugar.
And also to misanthropoid... may the year keep you well and fortunate... and maybe let you enjoy a little more softball... :)

I am unable to control my mirth when Jon Stewart does the Penquin imitation of Vice Pres Cheney... it's just priceless...

In canada... especially if you work for the government... you are expected to spell Center like this ... CENTRE. No, that's not "just the french version". English, Fringlish, French... you name it... it's supposed to be RE.
Is that not the stupidest, most pathetic, ball licking bit of theoretical english in the universe?
Somewhere in the middle of my "Federal Employee" career... I decided enough is enough, the emperor is in the buck, a spade is black and it's spelled C*E*N*T*E*R. "Canadian spelling" be damned... it's just stupid.
er... k, I'm done.

There will be times when things seem too hard,
And even moments when any effort seems ... a bit too distant.
Fear and sloth may have their moments...
But there will never come a time when I can't love you,
and resolve to try ... no matter what.


See ya.