June 27th, 2006


Tuesday, June 27

Ok... lets try this again...

It's all about the rain... Several days of rain are in the offing... (so I'm glad I made it to the skate park yesterday).
Second-to-last day of school for the boys... they are practically vibrating with anticipation.
Sadly... Geo has not yet internalized the truth of school ending, because he is such a social butterfly... he will miss everyone. Edward does not yet like going to school... But he just hasn't been engaged by a teacher... Good teachers, but there's always one, somewhere from g1 to g6 that turns a kid on to school and accomplishment. I know we've done him a disservice by not pushing him into more social situations with toddlers his age... versus what we did which was let him play more with his older brother and his friends. He's not a social comfortable as he might be... I could observe his awkwardness ... and his battle against it... during soccer practice last night.
However... it's not earth shattering and there's loads of time for him to develop all kinds of social solutions. :D

Meanwhile... work work work... sigh. Oh and a moment in the Balkans... er, or a moment eating Astro yogurt... "balkan style". (what? ... where do they get stuff like that? "balkan style"... pashaw!)

~ blue ftls
~ gray dress pants
~ bright white dress shirt
~ a tie... and the blazer is on a hanger somewhere near by...
~ k... my mark is supposed to be available later today... I'm almost sick with anticipation.
~ big day of work to set some agendas for the next month.
~ less than six weeks till we move... More packing!
~ hopefully ... FINISH 24 tonight... (Miles, the jack-off from Homeland, sounds exactly like HAL)
~ for thisismostlyme to feel a whole lot better
~ that the mood swings for wbahner
~ to send a few hugs out to lady_anandia, just cuz...
~ that sugar-nin (ninneviane) remembers to stretch... a lot... before all that working out!!
~ and that my favourite east coast spaz, misskris, gets over being silly 'bout her squeeze getting to go west. He'll be home and glad of it, soon 'nuf!

Birthday moment...
A very happy birthday to a globe trotting mommy and sugary bit of new york wonderful... miracle7077 May the year ahead keep you in the best of health and as happy as a little girl. :)

Ok, so I ask you... can you remember George Bush... (let alone his dad, Clinton, and Reagan for that matter) blabbing on about Peace, and The Road To it, for Israel and the Middle East? Can you comprehend how much money the US has spent in obvious ways on the "Middle East Peace Process" (which is just a flowery way to say "Israel and Palestine, Sitting In A Tree, K, I, L, L, I, N, G.")
Now... after years and years of US presidents swishing Israeli testicles around in their mouths and gurgling away about great and lofty plans to bring peace... the region is no closer to peace than I am close to getting Charleze Theron tied to my bed frame.
These people have no concept of peace and when they're not arguing like a bunch of sugar-high little kids in need of serious kick in the ass, they're blowing each other up.
Yessirree... all those US tax dollars spent on sucking Middle Eastern dick at camp david were just pissed way.
Why not just walk away... ?
Why not just bail on the entire region... ?
If we all stopped paying soooo much attention to them... maybe they'd stop acting like idiotic children.
Maybe if we stopped GIVING THEM ALL KINDS OF MONEY they'd stop using it to buy weapons.
It's what I call a lost cause... let 'em suffer.

I love how people who make 60,000 - 150,000 $ a year can sit at board tables and make decisions about people living at the poverty line based on the assumption that "those people will just spend the money on booze and drugs". Your city councils... provincial and federal governments... utterly out of touch. Possibly, it's because they spend too much money on booze and drugs... but we can't be sure.

Kissed suzanne on the way out of the house...
Went to Starbucks drive thru...
and now I have lipstick on my coffee lid. ;)

See ya. :)

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k... that's my third advil so far today.
I woke up with a stiff neck... killer stiff... I'm doing the robot walk everywhere...
and that sore neck has translated into a head ache of significance.

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yeah, yeah... I know... Posty McPostalot day...

a thought...

CBS and Big Brother All Star.
I will not watch this... I mean... nobody will watch this.
Sure a few will but this will be a ratings disasster.
The value... the "fun" of watching BB was to see a group
of unknown quantities and spend time guessing about
the way they will turn out and watching them "turn out"...
seeing who you liked but now hate, who will hook up...
who's really gay... who's just an ass-wipe... etc. etc. etc...
But the ALL STAR concept just kills that. There is not one
single person on the "potential" list that people are supposed
to vote from ... that I would want to see again. With ALL STARs ...
all the fun of discovery is gone... and without that...
the show has very little appeal.