June 18th, 2006


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~ blue ftls
~ green shorts
~ white shirt...
~ and in a few minutes... a paper number pinned to my shirt...
~ to leave at this ungodly hour on Fathers Day and do a "charity walk" with the boys while Suz does a charity run with her sis. :)
~ come home to make a big extended family dinner.
~ I get time to check in with my FPs and make a few wishes later...

Birthday moment...
Happy Birthday dearest Lydia... May the year ahead live up to all it's promises of new joy. You are a precious woman in the world and I hope for your ongoing happiness with every passing day. :)

Screens up!!

House Update!!!

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~ history of video segments and a click into the gallery pages... :D

We made the unfortunate discovery that THE SPACE FOR THE FRIDGE IS TOO SMALL!!
We measured and compared it to the documentation we have signed with the kitchen people... and it's wrong!!!
The space is 31.5 and the fridge is 35.75... NOT GOOD... but also NOT our problem. :)

The house is looking gorgeous and I'm loving the porch - wish it was bigger (the porch), but that's life. :)

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~ do I have the most cartoon-like ankles in the universe or what?
(SIL, Suz, Ed, Geo, MIL, & moi)
Me and Z'fam-Il-ee, this morning... pre-race. :)

It was a grand but very hot day.
Early morning racing, and "walking" ...
A lunch hour (way to hot...) trip to the skate park...
and all the prep to get ready for and pull off a fantastic family burger extravaganza.
Then we went to the skate park again at around 7:30 - 8:30 too... It was cooler... but still... holy sweat ball.

Clean ups... kid stuff... and now they're in bed (sorta... Geo is runny-nose boy, so he's up blowing and honking)

A glorious day... by any standard of comparison.
I forgot to tape Treasure Hunters... so I'm taping it from the Vancouver feed at 11:00 to 1:00 am.!!

It seems to have potential... but ... well, I'm reserving judgment.