June 15th, 2006


Thursday, June 15

And it's another totally magnificent... beautiful... sunny day. Of course, it's not a weekend day... go figure.

It's a mazda day!
We (ha! "I") woke up at 7:22 after returning to sleep from an a faintly remembered smack down on the alarm off button. (when will I learn to use the snooze button?)
I am - seriously - the only person in my house who wakes up to alarm clocks.
Up shower, dress... dress Ed... bug Geo to get dressed... feed them... bring coffee to Z and get the boys on the bus at 8:05. A very zoom-zoom like way to start a day. (get it? mazda... er... ok shhh)

~ black stripee ftls
~ green dress pants (again :D)
~ funkadelic shirt with the indescribable pattern
~ wore the blazer too... cool morning air will give way to ... a really warm day!
~ easy peasy day... got a lot of work to do but it's all ... you know... "just do it" kinda work...
~ the day will slip past and then it's Geo soccer night.
~ no plans for dinner... hmmm... I'm thinking spaghetti. (oh, i have fresh hot peppers... hmmm)
~ we didn't watch any 24 last night... so maybe tonight...
~ that ms_right_rn squeezes every bit of fun she can out of her vacation...
~ for the rising waters in the world around no1topaz to... you know... settle down. geez.
~ that something good happens in the life and times of an upset Helena... er... sleep_walker
~ to send some warm, happy kinda vibes out to nightvixen... just 'cuz.
~ and that ewtikins feels ... all kinds of better today... or at least... really soon. :)

You know... despite her feeble attempts to appear "moderate and entitled" ... that Ann Coulter really is quite a moldy, soiled panty liner of a woman... If she's really a woman. her adams apple seems to be a bit of a contradiction. She was on Leno last night... talking about the "godless religion of Liberalism" and the only thing that really comes across after her "oh look, I'm getting famous again" race around the talk shows... is that she espouses this God Centered perspective on neo-conservatism. It's like her feeling is that the republicans... indeed, all conservatives a) are hard ass religious types and b) gain their sense of entitlement directly from God himself.

Clues For Coulter:
~ If there is a god, she doesn't give a rats ass about money grubbing, war mongering, opportunistic economic rapists like the American Neo-Conservative movement. If anyone is "godless" ... it's gonna be the Bush League. She likely abandoned them about 11 seconds after the first bomb landed on Iraq.
~ Pray all you like... throw "his" name around day and night and in every speech, re-interpret long defunct teachings and promote religious values that divide and subjugate but none of that means you have any more claim to religious fame than the tree huggers.

So... England plays Trinidad today? hahaha... I gotta say, how hilarious is that gonna be when England looses to the boys from Chopping City.
(explains Chopping City: friend... close friend in HS and a roommate for a while.. his da was the High Commish to Trin and Tobago... they went often... and "choppings" were the primary crime... big machete, chopping each other in drunk'en, drugged out rages... small island... lots of booze and drugs... and lots and lots and lots of machetes. Apparently... lots of soccer balls too.

Oh... and last night... the hockey game... bwaahahahaha... the Announcer had Carolina tattooed on both his ass cheeks ... and he must have been hard pressed to sound excited when the Oilers scored that OT goal.


How we struggle with concerns over first impressions,
because you want her, hope to impress him, wish you could work there.
Yet when you just don't care, you can be so seriously at ease that you...
make a lovely first impression.
Not really fair, is it.
The trick is ... to learn to work it.
Live like you don't care...
Dance like no one is watching.

See ya.
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