June 13th, 2006


Tuesday, June 13

Ahhhhh ...

(psst... working from my office - not the
clients - on some web updates and it's
kinda murky outside... but it's threatening
to be lovely!!)

~ blue stripee flts
~ black cargos
~ gray t
~ to sit at the table with a laptop and click away until two company web sites are updated...
~ tuesday! no-soccer-night.
~ for a whole bunch of patience to wrap around darkbay
~ to send out a pinch to ayoub
~ and for only good reports to make their way back to bosox and kea!

Birthday moments...
A very happy birthday to the girl with the words... and smoke'en hair cuts. Have a grand celebration ldy.
Happy birthday ms_right_rn... and may your heart take wonderful journey's this year.

In Canada... our minority government tables a multi-billion dollar national budget that funds defense, education, social and commercial interests, taxation and transfers... and it gets ZERO, NADDA, NICHE, PLFFT!, debate... because the opposition parties were waiting for some date to have her say... 'cept she was off getting her navel buffed or something and missed her cue... so ... SOLD, unanimous consent. OMFGIH!

one tuesday each month is environmentally-unconscious Lunchables Day.
one might think this is to appease the frequent moments of pleading from the two little people in my life...
one would be wrong.
one monday night each month is don't stress the lunch night.

See, I look at that, and all I see is the birthmark near my ear.


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er... little bit excited here...

The book came in and OMFG!!!!!! It's flipping gorgeous.
Suz and I have to "go over it" with a fine tooth comb to see if there's any wee errors to correct then either upload the revision or release what's there now... but you too can own a copy of our family vacation in '04 to PEI. Heck... I wanna send a copy to the Premier of the Island Province.

Ok ok... I know. I have no expectation that anyone would buy it... hahahahaha!!! but I know I will buy a few copies.

[ :: The back cover :: ]

On a serious note... The cover quality and the binding is EXCELLENT.

The reproduction of the pictures is ... "book like" so not glossy photo paper... but still and all ... wicked cool.
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