June 9th, 2006


Friday, June 9

What do you mean imagery?

So Mother Fricking Nature (aka MFN) can get on the first bus to Wretched Cunt Land... wait... did I say that out loud?
Rain all day today... followed closely by two more days of rain... with SUN expected on Monday.
~ Geo is s'posed to go to a birthday "pool party" tomorrow... and it'll be 12 degrees outside ... and raining. weeeeeee!

So the morning went well... cept I didn't get my sorry butt out of bed early enough to be able to enjoy it. We were a little (ha!) rushed with the whole "get up" "get dressed" "sit and eat that or I'm gonna...." experience. But, fortunately, they made their bus and I made it to work on-time.
I have soooooooooo got to start going to be earlier on work nights.

~ blue stripee ftls
~ nice p-z blue jeans
~ black t and beige short sleeve dress shirt. :)
~ get several more service view maps completed... I need to finish "stage one" before the end of next week.
~ plan a day at home next week to get company web site stuff finished...
~ talk to Home Depot about eavestroughing... and another contractor...
~ must get some "recovery" work done on my SIL's laptop tonight...
~ I'm thinking pizza for dinner...
~ you could have seen me laughing through a round of 'crunches' when Stewart likened "hating Canada" to hating toast. hahahaha... Hi, I'm from Toast.
~ for ongoing safety for whatilove ... :)
~ for voicesinherhead ... to be missed by that Jinx. :D And may Ryan sleep through plenty of nights.
~ and for raylenetaskoski to get the news she needs... and gets to make the move she desires...

Birthday moments...
A very happy birthday wish out to raherrier!! Ruth, you've been a constant source of support and good vibes... thank you sugar... and after the crummy things that have happened this last year with work and your "re-finding" yourself in a work world... well... I just want to wish for you the very best of fortunes' smiles over the next year sugar. Happy Birthday!! :)

Think about it... America, and indeed, people everywhere, tossed up a cheer of hurrah... because a couple of 500 lb bunker buster bombs were dropped on Al-Ze-ShitHeads house in the country. Clearly blowing Idiot Boy up is a good thing ... but look at yourselves. We are not at a state of war... not officially... and US Airplanes dropped big ass bombs on some losers house killing everybody anywhere near it... and I'm just guessing but I don't think Al-Zarqawi didn't make his own meals, or clean his own crap up... so there was collateral death there. Bottom Line: it's state sanctioned murder. I'm not complaining... I'm happy he's dead... but that doesn't change the fact that it was murder...
And exactly what is supposed to change?
"Oh... Al's been blown up... we should prol'y shel'v this whole insurection thing... maybe just try and work with the invading army that's occupying our country... what do you say boys..."

You know... I really should have started the LJ Audio Post thing BEFORE the police arrived at my car... and I should have had the big honking sony video DV camera running the whole time (I had it with, but didn't snap it on)... heck I should have DV'ed the building. Next time I'm ambushing GLOBAL LEADERS... I'll try and remember that.

The most curious part of that whole exp was that I was able to drive, unchecked, right up to a parking spot, get out of my car, climb a rock wall and stand there... spitting distance from a main "conference" hall at that hotel. I had a solid five minutes of goof around time before the police arrived... and considering Queen Beatrix, The heads of all the Major Global banks, Presidents, and all manner of the rich and powerful... yet I was able to get that close? Strange but true.

wake up, wake up little monster.
it's friday, that means tomorrow is a holiday.
and you can sleep in on the holiday.
but today, we have to wake up.
Back scratch? hmmmmm....
wake up, wake up little monster,
it's time to dress.
... now stand up... I'll carry

Honestly... the day is soon coming when I wont be able to carry Edward downstairs from his bed.
He is getting so big!!
Oh... and his front tooth is really doing the wiggle-till-you-bleed thing.
He'll have those big chicklettes any month now.

teach your children well...

Dear Everybody...

For goodness sake...
Teach your children to cook.
Start when they are 3 years old and never let up.


There are fat people...
... and there are skinny people.

Often it is the case that these people have very little choice in the distinction.
This is understood by right thinking people.
It's only the sadly naive peeps that think;
a) all fat people got that way because they like snickers bars and
b) all skinny people are the lucky ones.

I know plenty of friends that eat balanced and nutritional diets... occasional indulgences but ... they pay attention.
Regardless they are big and they will always be that way.
Because fat bottom girls make the world go around ... this is really not a problem (smack!!!)

I know a few women who are ... unhappily thin, and there is really no solution out there for them.
Eat abusively with no discernible change.
Rarely do clothes look good, and believe me... no clothes looks outstandingly worse.

I mention all of that because I want to be clear that there are people for whom choice is not the issue.

And by extension... there are also people for whom choice is exactly the issue, and there they waddle... overweight specifically because THEY CANNOT COOK.
So they buy prepackaged everything, or eat at McDeath every other day, etc. etc. etc. etc. etc.

You will give your child more than you can imagine...
... when you give them the gift of cooking.

What's that? You don't know how to cook?
Sweet mercy people...
You doom yourself to a life of medical problems, fluctuating weight, grow extra left arms, start to glow and likely get ten different kinds of cancer if you only ever eat things other people or machines cooked for you.
Especially the stuff shoved in package and sold to you from the freezer section.

Ok... sorry.

I'll stop.

~ wait... one more thing;
if you honestly have no clue ... how to cook anything.
Tell me... I'll teach you to cook something.
If you want to learn... I'll help.
Tell me about your living conditions... kitchen? any pots and pans? do you have a freezer? What do you order when you go out? What do you like?
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(no subject)

So... just say'en...
That last post about food and cooking...
Was a totally off the cuff thing and while I was driving home I almost (but not quite) regretted posting it, for fear it was just ranty and silly.

What a great response.
... and the letters...
cool beans.

I'm all about thinking up a way to put some cooking a food info out there... corto style...

I know there's four main topics...

1. Staples: stuff you really should have in your kitchen... and if you don't... then go out and buy them or put them on your christmas list.

2. Shopping: like the whole "grocery store perimeter" versus "internal isles" shopping paradigm is way good mojo* [ :: click :: ]

3. Cooking to eat: A "need a meal for the family... try this" kinda thing.

4. Cooking for the freezer: (self explanatory)

Believe me... the world is full of people who know more about this stuff than I do...
But I know a little.
And plenty of you guys know a little too.

... feedback on all of those topics would make great comments to this post.

(next up... what we had for dinner)

(no subject)

~ jasmine rice [ :: previous post :: ]

~ thin slices of carrots, red peppers and bamboo shoots pan fried with some light soya, some water and spoon of a tayki (sp?) curry paste.

~ four small chicken breasts (like 4$ worth of chicken that made sixteen satay sticks), cut up, soaked in peanut sauce, skewered and broiled

Geez was it good.
35 minutes from "ok, what do you want for dinner" to "George... go get mom for dinner".