June 8th, 2006


Thursday, June 8

Ok, no... I haven't replaced GTT with FuckOff Thursday... I'm just say'en ... people don't give each other the finger enough. It's soooooo unacceptable.
We should work on changing that... because YOU KNOW in your heart that giving the finger is ... well, ... it's a blast. Flipp'en someone the bird can be a sign of affection or just a friendly moment. It (the bird) is best done at a friend behind the back of someone who looks as though they squeak when they walk... Like in an elevator or at a meeting.

Make it your mission for the day... hand out the finger to a few friends, be sneaky about it... and keep the smile on.

It's been hot lately... not psycho arizona 100+ hot... but Ottawa hot, and this morning dawned with a little sweet relief in the form of a nice breeze that, sadly, promises rain. The weather idiots have... just no clue whatsoever. They were all "it's gonna rain mid day" yesterday... then "it's gonna rain later in the daytime..." then, of course, "it'll rain in the evening". It never rained yesterday. Now they're "it'll rain all day today"... and, of course, it's dry out there. But the wind promises rain and I have no doubt it'll come.

After kids were a'bed... and z was well recovered from her 10 k race... we settled in to watch some 24 and managed to see the last 15 minutes of last nights aborted episode and another 15 minutes of a new one... then ZONK. She was out like a light. Ah well... We'll try again tonight. :)

~ green ftls
~ z'gray/blue-tone dress pants... cuffs and all... (I must have a parasite... )
~ bright white dress shirt and my mickey tie...
~ very groggy this morning. (sigh... got a bed? can I crawl into it?)
~ must finish a few more "service diagrams" today...
~ big staff meeting at 4:00 today... with the team from the Galactic Core. "There'll be finger foods..." oh boy... yummi grease. wohoo... (gah!)
~ home to zoom over to see what ever I can of Geo's soccer game... and a nice night of relax'en.
~ that debby does find her way to Savannah and... enjoys her visit. :)
~ for many a'good things to find their way into today ... especially because Lisa (ladyfire) is a great Good Thing Thursday cheerleader. :)
~ that sugar-kit had a cheerleader costume...
~ for karla_jean to ... find that beach.

Birthday moments...
Happy Birthday redfenix... and may your arms never run out of wolverine-shoulders to wrap around. Have a wonderful year sugar-red.
and to a very treasured friend... Happy Birthday almost-a-mommy ... blonnie. I've been tracking with you for so long... it feels like I do really know you. I know I only get little bits of you through here... but you share enough that I am quite confident when I say you are a truly wonderful woman. I wish for you the greatest of happiness on your birthday and through out the year ahead. (and that's a safe bet... all things considered... - looks at your adora-monkey tummy).

You know... watching Loose Change - the movie about various conspiracy theories associated with 9/11... really made me think about ... Kennedy and the grassy knoll. I was alive but only a one year old baby when Kennedy was shot in Dallas. But my life has been filled with the images of it. The super-8 film... the "documentaries", the FBI investigations, the courts, the television shows, and the big-screen movies. It was a moment in time that divided the history of the United States for a few generations of people... cleaving memory, politics and ideology between the time before and the time after the shot that shattered innocence.
In forty years... what will have happened with the many conspiracies that surround the 9/11 bombings.
There are many eye witness accounts and clear proof of an airliner crashing into the pentagon... yet the conspiracy stuff is thick as cold ketchup already.
And to steal a bit from The Oracle (matrix) 'what really bakes my noodle' is wondering ... how many seeds of truth are in the theories. Sadly... that just means that "they" have managed to "get to me" with their messages.
Will the idle day-dreams of what do with the "time machine" change from "stand, video camera in hand, with a good view of the Grassy Knoll back in 63" to "standing with that camera, on the interstate beside the Pentagon on 9/11"?

[ :: Jon Stewart slams William The Moron :: ]
~ My fav part of that bit is when Jon asks Bill to consider the "slippery slope" argument from the other side and what is to stop the government from legislating who is an appropriate spouse for a person...

I grew up not even thinking about death
Until a student at my school went for the final "swing" from a street light.
But that just made me mad.
Since then... I've been quite sure of my convictions...
I didn't want to die... because I wanted to see what the future held.
But I have come realize...
That I don't want to die for a whole new kind of reason.
I don't want to leave my boys.
Sounds simple.
Makes sense...
But truly feeling this... deep inside,
Awakens an understanding... an empathy
For any parent... any but mostly for my own.
k... time to go. :)(
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    Happy Birthday to my sister, Lane.
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2:17... still no rain.


ps. the moon is 90% full... and (sarcasm explosion) you could never tell from reading my friends pages. Peeps is either horny or angry.
jimminy crickets... 10 more % and there's gonna be naked people and death.

~ sits back and waits... :)

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"The RIIA and CFR Policies are now coordinated by the secret Bildaburger Group which was created in 1954. Prince Ferdinand of the Netherlands was the original Chairman of the secret Bildaburger Group which largely decides the fate of the World in their secret meetings." [ :: source :: ]

~ However... it is ABSOLUTELY STUNNING how little information there is on the Bildaburger's out there...

That being said... A HOTEL HERE IN KANATA (I live in Kanata) is where that group is holding their annual "meeting" ... and it's happening right now.

Helicopters, unmarked security cars ... everywhere.

I'm thinking of taking a drive over to the hotel and snapping some pics just for fun. :)

Can anyone come up with a list of Bildaburger members? I know Paul Wolfowitz is on there... (sorry, that ashcroft ref was totally wrong)

Background: when you dig into the history of the Masons ... the knights templar... etc... you end up with the Bildaburgers.

bilderberg group

[ :: Wikipedia Entry on the Bilderberg Group :: ]

~ I was spelling it wrong earlier. :) (big surprise eh!)

Check the bottom of that Wiki entry... The Brookstreet Resort in Ottawa!

"The Bilderberg group or Bilderberg conference is an unofficial annual invitation-only conference of around 130 guests, most of whom are persons of influence in business, academic, or political circles. Due to discussions being off-the-record, it is the subject of numerous conspiracy theories. The group meets annually, in secret, at five-star resorts throughout the world, normally in Europe, although sometimes in the United States or Canada. It has an office in Leiden, South Holland, Netherlands."

(Donald Rumsfeld called them the "masters of the universe"... )

(sorry the pics are so poor.)

The Brookstreet Resort... June 8, 2006 in fading light on a rainy dusk.

The Police that took my ID and made me park and wait while they "checked me out".

The story:

So on the way home from work tonight the CBC (www.cbc.ca) reported on the fact that guests of the swanky Brookstreet Resort in Kanata had been required to vacate their rooms at 8:30 am today... and many had reported strange goings on over night... people in the woods with flashlights behind the resort... All in anticipation of the pending Bilderberg Group meeting from June 8 - 11. The "meeting" had reserved the entire hotel... and apparently contracted with the Police to raise the security level of the entire grounds to "Private, Get Out... Go Away".

After Geo's soccer game, I grabbed my camera, an extra secure digital card and went for a drive. :)

I drove in behind the Alcatel Headquarters... (the red line) and parked at the end of the line and took pics of the hotel.
A rent a cop ... a girl with a big black umbrella was behind a barrier at the end of the parking lot, so I went over to her to ask her what was up...
She said that she didn't know why I was able to drive up to where I was but I had to leave... (and then she called her "supervisor").

I told her I was just taking a picture of the hotel and that I was leaving.

When I got back in the car - I swapped the SD card out and hid the first one because I'm paranoid... - and drove away.
I was boxed in by flashing light police cars at the "red circle".

Two cops came to my window and asked me what I was doing...
I said "I heard on the CBC that the bilderbergs were holding a conference here so I wanted to come and get some scrap book photos."
They asked for ID... I gave it to him.
They asked if I was "known to the Ottawa police" and I said "no... I've no record with you guys..."
(now, however, I suspect I do... hahaha).

They made me wait a few minutes while they checked me out... then let me go.

I kept snapping pictures and being amazed at the intense security. :)