June 3rd, 2006

the hand

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oh what a night...
late December back in sixty-three

After a day of geo complaining of tummy pain... but pain above his b-button, we were sitting in front of a family channel movie ("My Boyfriend's Back") and he was just a 'moaning and groaning...
Then he pointed below his b-button and I got worried.
I started thinking appendicitis... I had that when I was ten...

So at about 10:30... off we went to the hospital.

They were great... got him registered and in a bed waiting for the doc within 15 minutes of coming through the door.
And the emerg waiting room was packed!
They were thinking appendicitis too.

He was out of his pj's and into the "back closing gown" just after that picture. :)
The doc showed up and concluded that it only "might" be his appendix and what we need to watch for over the next 48 but he doubted it.
He based that mostly on the results of asking Geo to get out of bed and jump up and down a few times.
His opinion that if there was an appendicitis problem he wouldn't have made it past the first jump.

The doc leaves with instructions to get pee and blood...
Before geo can get back in the bed...
... he totally blows cookies.
"housekeeping... Obz-2 please..."
very messy, when it goes off from a standing position to a hard surface floor... ker'splat.

So they got a pee sample and ... to Geo's significant displeasure, took two tubes of blood.
They analysed those, and the doc came back to say they showed no problems,
give me instructions on what to look for and sent us on our way.
2:00 am.

Best part?
It's prom night.
16 year old, very heavy-set girl arrives by ambulance and ends up in the curtain-separated "stall" next to us... semi-conscious drunk, belligerent, swearing away and in need of four - count 'em four! - masked, and gloved attendants to keep her from falling off the bed while they got her out of her puke soaked, pissed in, disgusting clothes. He mom arrives... "the police came to the door to say you'd been brought here..." bwaahahaha... The nurse had to listen to her say she only had two drinks... The ambulance guy got her to say four, and one pepsi bottle with something in it...... The doctor had her admitting to 14 bacardi rum drinks... and he was totally using "tactics" on her... repeating his question over and over regardless of what she said... until finally she said "ok, fine... 14 bacardi rum drinks... I think..."
Mom, meanwhile, hears... "I dunno... a few drinks... but I think someone put something in one of them!!!"
Ambulance dude and dudette had had to scoop her unconscious from the road...

A little later... a guy ... maybe 18... in a rented tux... out cold...

Yuppers... Geo got a bit of an education.
And he felt much better after he barfed... so we're hoping it is "viral" and not his appendix.

And that's my story.

:D ni ni.