June 2nd, 2006


Friday, June 2

Hola... good morning corto...
Welcome to friday.
Today you will plan to book off from your client
and work in your home office on two quick projects for your boss.
You will wake up, dress, and feed kids. Then send 'em off to the bus (Ed)
and watch Geo scoot away on his bike with his "ride to school buddy",
secure in the knowledge that the world is spinning in the right direction.
Later... you will receive a phone call from the school that Geo is not feeling well.
You will turn the shower you were about to have off, dress, find a baseball cap,
and go pick up a boy and his bike, who you will now minister to for the rest of the day.
Oh... and don't forget to get those projects done.
Alrighty? Now get crack'en!!

Today dawned... somewhat brighter than yesterday,
with a cool snap in the air, and a promise of warmth and sunshine.
A nice way to cruise into a weekend.

My client has a golf tourney this afternoon... so today was a good day to stay home and get some other work done.
Hopefully little geo and his very sore self will get to feeling better and maybe be able to just cruise with a movie of something.
~ poor little guy... possibly over did things yesterday, with "jump rope for heart", soccer, and all that heat.

~ black ftls...
~ very old jeans...
~ a nice white company logo encrusted golf shirt that would fit after I gain 80 lbs... for now, it's a nice skirt.
~ take care of little sick boy geo...
~ get a company web site update prepared...
~ write a personnel profile thing out for the boss back in boss-land...
~ then embrace the weekend!!!
~ oh, and finish that canvassing stuff... (didn't get to it last night).
~ that canuckgirl has a great visit with danicia and fragbert!!
~ and that I knew how alma_perdida was doing...

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday naynay7!! and congratulations on the new job!! May the year ahead... be rewarding.

Here in the "West" ... we have our captains of industry, famous money families, and ... a high standard of living - in contrast to so much of the world...
But we know almost nothing of vast wealth.
In the middle east... the land we are spending vast fortunes, lives, resources, time, and angst to have stupid battles in, save from themselves, and otherwise re-model in our own image... there are families with money that you would be hard pressed to even imagine. Forget the "richest man in the world" crap... roll an extended family of that kind of money together, add up all their wealth and ... well... you just can't imagine. Hell, when the US government needs money they go to these guys... (and china).
Yet... the middle east is home to the poorest, most destitute, populations on earth.
I know it's kinda heartless... but I find myself wondering again... why it falls to western resources to rescue those people... to help them at all... when there is more money in their countries than anywhere else on earth.
It just seems wrong.

[ :: Jedi Breakfast :: ] ~ definitely worth watching... two minutes long. :) (funny)
[ :: how to say goodbye :: ] ~ again, definitely worth watching... but "funny" is a subjective thing here...

I caved a bit on the "You're home from school sick? Then get in bed." rule, and let him get covered up on the sofa and watch a movie... but I just earned the angry-geo face when he came in a minute ago... I had to say "if you're too sick for school... you're too sick to sit at a computer... period". sigh.

K... time to get busy. :) See ya.

(no subject)

So, I'm in the middle of A Horse And His Boy (Narnia book) with Edward... (a very good book, IMHO)
... and there came a mention of a pomegranate. Edward stopped me to ask what it was...
After describing it, and doing a little bit of Persephone's story, he was satisfied.

Never the less... I now have a "large pomegranate" in my fridge...
Kind of a "come check this out" thing with the boys.
They've never seen one.

And... I think the last time I messed with one was in grade school.

I have no idea how to eat one, other than the notion that there's these little seed-like things in it that you munch...

So, tell me... how does one cut, serve and eat a pomegranate?
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