May 31st, 2006


Wednesday, May 31... ALMOST JUNE YO!!!

If you're happy and you know it clap your hands...
~ hahahaha... ok so I said "Make a concerned face and ... we kinda both made angry uncle crusty faces... :)

Despite the goofy faces... it's a bang on grand day in the land of corto...
ack... I'm even talking about myself in the third person... a clear sign of either Armageddon or my general over-happiness. :D :D

If you can't come up with more reasons to smile, be happy, and act goofy than you can to be morose, bummed and droopy... you have clearly got the whole "counting" thing wrong. Start with... you can read, you ate a meal in the last two days, you have access to a computer and you know how to use it, you have a roof over your head and the government you pay taxes to is not likely to kill you because of your religious beliefs any time soon.
K, those are the big ones... now think about all the smaller scale reasons you have to be all a toe tappen and happy schmappy... :)
I swear... do this for a minute and then consider the dumb ass reasons you have to be bummed and you'll quickly realize...
Being unhappy is a supreme waste of time and energy.
If you're happy and you know it ... clap your hands... :D

~ black stripee ftls
~ beige p-z jeans
~ beige t and light short sleeve dress shirt..
~ up and drive the boys to school (Geo with his project - which includes both of our skateboards... so he better not... you know... "forget" the bag somewhere...)
~ three interviews on the schedule...
~ get through the day!
~ finish the CNIB canvassing after a quick dinner... Ed's got soccer tonight... I think Suz is gonna go to that while I pound the pavement...
~ and then ... smile all night long. (no, I'm not high... I'm just in a good place)
~ a distant and ever so lovely woman..redragon, finds the strength she needs to stare it all down!
~ to send some love out to willedit for no good reason at all... :D
~ that little ragamuffen... keeps her very best friend in the mirror.
~ and that circlek remembers the golden rule... we work to live... we do not live to work.

You know... I think I finally get what the big problem in the middle east is. Forget all that religious crap... and the oil, the money, the ... whatever... It's all basically a big bad case of penis envy. The entire fricking Arab league of states... money pouring out of every oriface on about 2 % of the population, another 8% fortunate enough to live in protected states and then ... everybody else living in fear and poverty. The zealots look west and think... "shit man, I want" then they look east and say "shit man... I'm not allowed" ... so they get some retard to blow himself up.
Presto... penis envy.
Of course, this wouldn't be all that bad... I mean, it's fine if they want to be sucks about their lot in life ... in their desert.
But noooooo...
The united states has just got to march over there and whip it out... "hey guys... check this big fatty out!!! hahahahaha... what'chew got Ackmed?"
BOOM... more retards blowing themselves up.
Solution? Get the US to stop flashing it's johnson all over the place and let the freaking Arabs have their wonderful lives filled with religious intolerance, fractional leadership, unequal distributions of wealth and backward-ass social policies. It's time the Arab nations started owning their problems and for everybody else to stop giving them reasons to blame everybody and anybody but themselves.

There's nothing quite as funny - in a scary sick kind of way - as listening to a crazed religious zealot in a position of power try to demand proof of something before he believes in it... [ :: Iranian Pres El'Mondokrazee :: ]
(thanks for think monkey)

Last night... at midnight... a new tougher anti-smoking law came into effect in Ontario.
No doubt, patrons of bars and restaurants across the land were sparking up a smoke at midnight to celebrate.
So, no longer is it only against the law to smoke in government buildings, stores and restaurants... but now it is against the law to smoke in any enclosed space other than your own or on any public property. Which is all well and good but utterly ridiculous. It's almost funny the way the government does back flips and twists on the smoking issue... trying desperately to continue raking in the tax revenue from the sale of smokes... but hoping to absolve themselves of guilt by making criminals out of all the people that get addicted to smokes. I work in Quebec... (not Ontario - separated by the Ottawa River) and the laws are diff here but not much... the "No smoking within 9 meters of the door" signs went up last night... hahahahahaha... so, when the rain comes next... there'll be a whole bunch of new criminals.
Personally, I have never had a problem with the idea of the government making smoking illegal.
Shit they make a big ass deal out of smoking pot, but tobacco, a hundred times more addictive and a billion times more deadly... is a no problem-o situation.
It's good to be a non-smoking now...

Now the radio is all talk'en about how the City is debating a SCENT BAN. Oh my fricking god!!!
I mean... alright, I totally support the scent free work place... but telling people they are not allowed to have an affected scent anywhere in public?
Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face...
At soccer practice the other night... I was all comfy in my little soccer mom chair and this woman walked past ... and she smelled glorious. It wasn't overpowering... just ... wonderful. I get none of that... never at work, not much at home and ... well... it's just nice to smell some lovely scent every now and then. But no..... people with respiratory problems abound... so we all have to stop wearing scented anything. Do you not think in a city of this size they couldn't come up with anything more polluting and harmful to people with respiratory problems than scented deodorant? Of course I now about people who overdo it... so ??? Like "people over doing it" is something new? What about shitty scents? Like is it now a crime to fart in public? or wait... I can roll in shit and sit on a bench at the mall, but I can't wash my hair in something that smells nice?
~ of course this will open up the market for "sudden scents"... little "rip open / wipe on" scent things that are guaranteed to vanish in minutes...

Ok... I've prol'y rambled on way too much today. :)
See ya. :D :D
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