May 26th, 2006


Friday, May 26

K the day started all sunny n'stuff... but the sky says "a pox on your sunny day".
Kind of a tut-tut it looks like rain moment.
Two lovely nights in a row, but busy busy busy... now a night to play... and rain. gr!

It is a busy ... although not long... weekend that stretches out ahead.
Saturday is up, clean, play and go to a fair across town with the boys, while gears up for the race...
Downtown with the boys and my MIL to cheer at the race... and then an evening to celebrate the race. :)

Hopefully, we'll be at "the house" for a bit on Sunday (cannot wait... they've done a lot of tiling...)

~ blue ftls
~ very old blue jeans [ :: look, I patched 'em myself :: ]
~ kinda old blue p-z top.
~ on not getting sick... I feel a tingle in my throat... I think I'll make tea...
~ staying away from my clients office today... two really sick-with-coughs-and-yuck co-workers who refuse to stay home...
~ getting a special report done for the client (easily done here, versus there)
~ decorating our "go Zebra" signs for the race tomorrow. :D :D
~ suz has a "dinner" thing with her race team tonight... so dinner and a movie with the boys may be in order...
~ may actually finish "the book" tonight... (a thing on one of our vacations)
~ may even get around to watching a tv show? gasp. depends when z gets home.
~ for few if any bears to wander into katie8471's world...
~ to smile at dinkydo... "lick his teeth..."... lol. :D
~ and to serve some scrambled eggs to psychomagnet

Birthday moments...
Happy Birthday so-very-distant berraq. I hope the year ahead brings you good fortune...
and Happy Birthday to mz ginger_g... May this next year be filled with memory making moments...
... and to indigojo, happy birthday sugar... may the images and memories of your walks... never slip away.

There are so many things [ :: wrong with this :: ] that the mind simply boggles. It doesn't matter that the school wants to search blogs for posts made by their students... if they're open posts... have at 'em. But holding them accountable by the "school code of conduct" for what they find out there in the blogs... is ridiculous. First of all... it will be absolutely impossible to do this fairly, considering how many "fake blogs" are created to hack on other people now... Just imagine the vindictiveness of a pissed-off high school girl with this in her six shooter of shitting things to do to an x-friend. And... how are they going to do this? Whistle blowers? or how about... after johnny gets in a little trouble for something , search for his blog to see if you can find something to up it to "a lot of trouble".
Stay tuned... this is the argument of the future.

I need groceries...

k... time to go. :)
Have a great friday.