May 24th, 2006


Wednesday, May 24

K, so really... that picture... [ :: compared to this one :: ] (same pic, diff focus)... which one is better?

I love the Canadian Quarter concept... this one is in celebration of the Breast Cancer Research / Fund Raising initiatives... :D

Ok... twenty five kinds of wow on the day... of course, after any good rainy weekend... what we need is brilliant sunny work days to spend lost in cubicle land. GAH!!!!!

We went to the skate park last night... I'm really being careful... which is a nice way of saying... I'm mightily chicken shit about trying a few things...but I figure I might as well finish healing up before I push my luck again. That being said... I did have a great time. I'm getting better at "landing" when you go flying up a ramp after zooming down one on the other side. The alternative is to zoom up the ramp and watch your board flip away... but rolling away on it feels way groovy. :)

I'm getting very antsy about the car issues. My car IS GOING TO DIE and if I'm buying a new one... (or a "new to me" one) I'm not spending another red cent on this one... sigh. I wish this was easy...

~ blue stripee ftls
~ black cotton cargos
~ three tone button up shirt... some green, black and beige... exciting huh...
~ read dozens of pages of Treasure Board of Canada policy about IT Service Management... then, get all stabby and gouge out my eyes...
~ recover from the stabby thing... and get a meet-up with the boss to set out a schedule of meetings...
~ talk to lawyer at lunch... (well, his assiss... I never actually get the lawyer dude) and then talk to the bank... wow, fun eh... lawyers and bankers... all I need is a pinyata (sp?) and it's a party!
~ final Fencing session for the boys tonight. :) Suzy is coming (missing one of her running sessions...)
~ watch the rest of the Alias series finale... tape LOST season finale.
~ to send all kinds of lj love out to hisbeauty ... who I read, and absolutely cherish... Just thought I'd mention that. :D :D
~ to smile out at the chemo monkey... (serpah) and offer him a little strip of sticky paper... ar ar ar ...
~ for geekgrrrl to have a safe journey...
~ to congratulate notcharming!!!
~ and wishing to send some ... good vibes out to no... just 'cuz.

Birthday moments...
Happy Birthday out to morganofthefay... my little magic tree house girl... :) have a wonderful day sugar... and I hope you find yourself wrapped up in some good love. :)
And jloopy!! Happy birthday shuga! Have a great celebration of the day ... and I do hope the year ahead keeps you healthy and happy. :D :D

Oh yeah... we're basically like... saints. You know... the chosen, anointed by god as the special ones... just look at the wonderful stuff we're doing around the world. Like in Afghanistan... Those darned Taliban dudes that we don't understand, agree with or even like ... they put up a fight with out troops when our troops tried to kill and arrest them all ... (I refer back tot he the "don't even like" part). But don't worry... they put up a fight, so we BOMBED the entire village they were fighting from. See, they thought they were being sneaky... going from civilian house to civilian house and shooting at our troops from the windows. HA! They are no match for our bombers!! We leveled that town... schools, hospital, homes... it's all gone. And... WE GOT the bastards. That'll teach them. Fuck'en Afghanis... they are sooo lucky we're there to help them out... Personally... I'm expecting a christmas card.

What? your newspaper didn't cover this? Yeah, this was yesterday... while the troops that Canada is theoretically leading in Kandahar province waged a fire fight in a village packed to the tits with civilians... some joker calls in an air strike. The Canadians say "wasn't us"... which kinda translates into "we are powerless pawns in someone else's war and despite the appearance of control, we really have none." Of course the everybody else gets to say "it was the canadians" ... We are soooo lucky! :D Weeeeeeeeeeeee....

Do you know what EuroVision is? It's a pop-culture pop-music competition of WOW proportions that rages across europe and is never even a whisper on the US music scene. Now ... nobody should actually care, because the music is typically pop-garbage of exceptionally pathetic proportions... except this year. No... this year a band called "Lordi" swept the EuroVision awards. [ :: Check these bad boys out :: ]
I point this out because it's such a wonderful example of how youth can stand up and say ... "shut up and pay attention to what we actually want foo... i'm sick o'your shit." The full story is absolutely hilarious. It's like Alice Cooper winning a Bible Belt "Let's Channel the Partidge Family" song contest... go Lordi! :D

Suz is running in the National Capital 10 k this weekend. She's been training hard for this... up early on both weekend days, rain or shine to run... and another run mid week, packs in at least 24 km's per week... Just say'en... she rocks. :)