May 23rd, 2006


Tuesday, May 23

Okay... I get here (to work) and write this (the morning post) and then "preview" ... and see the picture I took ... hours ago.
and almost every day I think... GAH... what was I thinking. Like today...

Well... up at an excellent time... and in time to get everything done and still get to work at 9:00 sharp.
Geo has returned to his toddler-habit of wanting to wrap himself in my house-coat (hi sugar-cack) and sleep on the floor beside the shower, while I have mine...
At least there will be plenty of room for doing that in the new place. :)
Kids up, dressed, fed and shuffled off to their buses on-time.
This is how one measures success... :D

It's c-c-c-c-cold out. They (the weather idiots) actually called for snow last night... however I saw none of it. :)

The movie "over the hedge" was very cute... and the kids loved it... but personally, well... it was no "Incredibles".
When we got back from that and my pizza dough was all HUGE AND PUFFY...
No sooner had I smacked it down and started the whole "flip and stretch" thing... then z remembered it was Geo's first Soccer practice.

So I sat in the rainy, windy cold for an hour while he ran around with the new team. The coach seems like a great guy, so I have high hopes for it to be an enjoyable season.
Oh, and we went to the skate park again yesterday... but man, it was huge wind and bigger chilly. Brr... (no falling! yeah!).

~ blue ftls
~ dk charcoal suit~ white tommy dress shirt
~ and a nice dk tie...
~ full day of work...
~ a few car-related phone calls (still searching)
~ a call to a banker...
~ and a call to a mover...
~ load up my boss with my summer vacation plans...
~ submit a medical claim...
~ and maybe even watch a show tonight... (the PVR is just loaded with good stuff)
~ to send a few good squeezes out to amythyst ... just because...
~ that day comes and goes quickly for phatmommadee...
~ for all kinds of good health and happy mommy / baby moments to wrap up mrs kay. :)
~ and happy hunting to nightvixen

Birthday moment...
happy birthday lil'Twi... (twilightsm). I hope you are held tight by the hands of good fortune and great love... You're a sweet friend and it would be a great happiness to know that the year ahead will keep you safe and warm. :)

We all love in very different ways.
and to worry that the need to hold something in reserve
means you're not doing it right...
is unfair.
Cautious conservatives get burned,
just as reckless lovers do.
But they all have something so many only get to dream of...
In all it's subtle, confused, sometimes painful ways,
it remains life's greatest treasure.

... and crystal.... you are young.
Life still holds many surprises,
or at the very least... new ways of
looking at our choices.

peace. :)
ps. It's tuesday... only three more days till the weekend. :D

(no subject)

It seems to me,
That the women who know they're hot
Are usually dim candles beside the brilliant light
Shining from the women who just don't realize.

The difference between them is nothing more
Than a little bit of emotional posture.

How many beautiful women tell you
they were the geeky, funny looking little nuggets in grade school?
What happens to those girls in large city fed school systems?
They are told that they are broken... and many believed.

But the ones that were smoke'en hot by grade 10,
The ones all worn out by 24... they knew they were hot shit,
and developed a posture that reflects that.

All I'm saying ... is that you're not broken.
Shoulders back... and listen when someone tells you how lovely you are. :)

If I was beautiful like you...
Oh the things I would do.
Those not so blessed
Would be cry'en out murder
And I'd just laugh
And get away with it to.
Like you do.