May 22nd, 2006


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K, so for the last week I have been suppressing a mild panic about the tv.
As we watch... the comes from time to time, a wee bit of a buzzing noise.
It quite literally "fades in" and "fades out" ... unless, of course, I get off the sofa
to go see where it's coming from... then it stops dead.

It is coming from the general direction of the tv.
But there's a tv, a pvr, an amp, a dvd, a vcr...
However the sound does carry a distinct "I am in behind the plastic slats on the back of your big ass tube tv yo... come find me! hahahahah"
Or something like that...

So, with a nod the guys on Kids In The Hall and the "Try it now" sketch...
I haul out the vacuum and give the tube the serious hose'en.
And every other electronic component.
Dust does make for odd noises on electronic components... or at least that's the story I'm stick'en to.

Now... tonight,
After the Desperate House Hoes do all their dying, remembering, forgetting, killing and fucking...
and after listening to that damn noise pop in, fade away, fade in and pop away ... I was getting a bit... miffed. (warning: understatement)
Off goes the tv... off goes the amp... off goes the pvr...
And I get up to turn off the light,
And the buzzing kicks in.
Suz is already gone... it's dead quiet.

With cat like reflexes, I zero in on the noise and take a step towards the tv.
Buzz stops.
I was kidding about the cat thing.
Buzz starts... and stops again.
excited, I move down.
I'm doing the nobody can see me, so who cares... face on carpet, head in corner behind the edge of the tv.
I wanted to be right there when it started again... so I could be sure... and could ... maybe vacuum it again. Whatever.

... and the fricking buzzing started up again.
Coming from directly below my flipping chin.
A pebble so small it hardly deserves the lofty title of "pebble" and borders on "speck"...
... sitting on the closed slats of the register cover thing.
It was vibrating against the metal slat in tune with the action of the furnace fan or something.

Open slats... hear speck fall and go "clink" in the vent...
and the buz is no more.

Fun story huh.

k... ni ni.

Monday, May 22

Well... the weather idiots called for three days of solid rain. We were skateboarding Saturday and Sunday... although there were cloud bursts bookending those mini adventures... and so far, today has been sun spots in a cloudy day.

It would be a nice day to have a "family day at the movies..." I'll see if I can work that out. :)

NOT going to the house is killing me this weekend. The builders close down completely on all long weekends... good for their employees... bad for people like me that want a key!!! sigh. So no housey update till next week... two whole freaking weeks? I bet the floor tiles are done by then... :D :D

We were having a lovely sleep in ... with the boys up as usual but well prepped to let us sleep. Suz has been training for the Ottawa Race Weekend (next weekend) for months... and that's meant up-early-sat-and-sun for ages... so the deal was to make sure she gets a good long sleep-in today.
Was working great till geo flooded the front hall bathroom... which, sadly, leaks through the floor to the back corner of the basement where we store... winter coats and computers... So I got z back to bed and spent an hour slopping up that mess. ug.

But that's old news now... now it's all about a relaxing holiday monday.

Oh!! And dinner last night was fabulous. We had a huge feed at The Baton Rouge (the red stick?) ... a bit pricey but it was such a nice place to eat and the food really was top notch. :D

~ black ftls
~ pj pants
~ white t and an old warm sweat shirt... :)
~ I think I'll vacuum. :)
~ pull a few weeds?
~ roust the family up to go see "Over the hedge" at the AMC?
~ be lazy? (works for me! :D)
~ oh, and major mega pvr recording tonight... series finale of Alias and the season finale of 24.
~ (squee!!! I'll officially have the entire season of 24 on the PVR... ready to watch in a marathon of intensity. :D)
~ that the weather gods are nice to dotcombabe... the wonderful artists SLASH bed-and-breakfast queen from the distant western coast. :)
~ to smile at bramey ... as another adventure begins...
~ to hope for dinkydo to ... keep cooler in the nights...
~ and that whatilove enjoys her new camera... and keeps taking such glorious photographs...

Birthday moments...
Happy Birthday Caryl... (frizzed) (South Africa!) although you've been away forever and I doubt you'll see this... but enjoy the day never-the-less. :D
And another HB to a girl that will likely not see it either... to very distant reeris... (Turkey). I hope you are well sugar-reer and that your friends are taking good care of you. :)

Do you know anyone with MS?
Have you ever witnessed what an stupid, unfair, rip-off it is?
It sneaks up on you... on anyone really, and can just consume your world.
The world has made small advances in the fights against many diseases and cancers...
some more significant than others...
But great advances have been made in the battle to make a real show of fighting MS...
and they (the researchers) are close.
I have a relative who's career at Microsoft was just snapped by MS... and her personal fight is really quite sad.
I have a friend here in Livejournal who is young, beautiful, smart and really just coming into her own with her life... yet she has had to spend the last two years battling the onset of MS... and it will be a part of who she is, until her life falls from the light.
I want her life to be brilliant...
I wish her challenges would just slip away and let her be the girl she wants to be...
I know she is strong, and her heart glows with it's own light!!
And she will fight.
She is ... simply wonderful.
I'm talking about lynspin...
And you can help... by visiting [ :: this post in her journal :: ] with a link to the national MS foundation charity.
Maybe it's time you did a small thing to help with a big issue.
Chances are... there is someone in your life now or will be soon who will personally benefit from your help.

Recent drama across the landscape of LJ... Naked Human Parts in default icons.
No idea what happened there but it seems to me that Six-apart... the company that owns LJ had to make a new rule.
A rule that amounts to censorship.
And that's a sad thing.
I absolutely hate hate hate hate seeing friends elect to have default icons that are pornographic in nature...
Because, then I have to go in and drop them from my default view and add them to a filter I read when I'm at home...
I love to eat my lunch at work and cruise my FP's while I eat... but I cannot have naked stuff showing up at work.
Personally I don't agree with the prudishness of it all... Other staff can be reading various news feeds and see dead, burnt, hacked up bodies on their screens and nobody gives a shit... but a lovely pair of breasts scrolling past is somehow harmful or wrong...
However, I don't make the rules I just live by them (or not, depending. :D) and I have to live by my clients rules.
So ... naked bits in default icons... doesn't work well for me...
Naked bits in posts that are not stashed behind an lj-cut tag? Also a problem.
But the PROBLEM IS MY PROBLEM... Not the person with the naked stuff.
And it's laughable, that in todays world, censorship would make this everyones problem.
Not fair... understandable, but stupid and not fair.
edit: clarity... I have hundreds and hundreds of lj friends... and not a single one of them is a problem with the default icon thing. The issue is a general one... not a personal one. :)

Ok... time to go have shower. :) and finish waking up.