May 19th, 2006


Friday, May 19

Ok... mother nature, the crack hoe from plan nine... and all her little Weather Man minions... are all going to be the first up against the wall when the revolution comes... well, right after the lawyers. It's all fifteen kinds of lovely out this morning... but the radio is all about "oh we're 'spec'en rain for today, tomorrow, Sunday and likely Monday too". Ok, so fuck off already. And besides, you're pretty much WRONG every single day... sigh. Stupid weather people!!

Last night? After getting the goobers to bed... and waking up the napping maple girl (she's still hooked on that game) for television and... I totally blew my plans to "get a good nights sleep".

~ black ftls
~ p-z blue jeans... [ :: used to be new... :) but then again, so was everything... :: ]
~ black t
~ that funkadelic kinda green dress shirt that has the hem screaming "don't tuck me in"... (so I didn't)
~ ug. I mean... ok, work work work... but seriously, it's the friday before a long weekend.... I'd rather be doing... anything else.
~ another test drive... yaris this time... :)
~ possibly LOST tonight... but for sure it'll be a classic friday night. (end up asleep earlier on a friday night than every other flipp'en night)
~ to send a smile and a wave out to theartofgirl
~ I could see a man about a horse, but ... it's not likely.
~ for no baldness in the personal life and times of kimmellee!!
~ that today gets better for sylvidoptera
~ and to tell bratt72 that her little bauer is just adorable!! :)

Birthday moment...
Happy birthday to a beautiful, retro superstar little bowl of mommy sugar... geekgrrrl. !! I sincerely hope you have a wonderful day Tess... and that the "men in your life" (the little tiny ones - that are likely not so little any more, and, of course, the big one!) are all well and able to help you enjoy your birthday. Sugar... when you slap on the shades and the 50's gear... you make it clear why I think you're one of the most beautiful women on the planet... So, that being said... I hope the year ahead keeps you well bathed in sunlight and happiness.. :D

The news today had a segment about Canadians and their difficulties with the Census... "I've placed 40 calls to their call center ... blah blah blah..." and I cannot fricking believe it. You should see our census... there's like 8 questions... and when they're done you feel as though maybe you've only just finished the "identify yourself" section of some other questionnaire. It couldn't possibly be less difficult. So, I'm just wondering... what the hell is the problem?

Last night... last night I watched an official shit load of television... horrible I know... but two episodes of star trek enterpise (fun!!) and then the last two weeks of Gray's Anatomy. Can I just say... WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Here follows clear spoilers, if you haven't seen the season ender of Gray!!) I'm liking Addison more and more every time I see her. And I totally loath McDreamy!! I could have killed him for screwing up her thing with Vet boy... and those speeches to head-doc-dude... Yangs "how do you keep your edge" and Izzy's "I'm the pretty girl...", and George (who must kiss his writers feet every time he see's them!!!)... gah!! they were so excellent. When Izzy was flipping out and bawling at Heart Guy about "what about me?" ... god... I knew he was dead right then and there. Oh oh oh ... and George saying "stand by her one more time..." to the parents of that shot in the head brain dead girl... ahhhh!!! he is so great!!!
ps. Of all the "perfect teeth in television"... Addison's are just about the most gorgeous. and yes... Teeth are the first thing I see when I meet someone... unless it's a naked woman, then I guess I see the Teeth second.

for the record:
I see teeth first... lips second... eyes third... and then I see the rest of her. but the rest hardly matters if the first three were drop dead gorgeous.
and ... (borrowing from Izzy's speech). Nobody likes to be treated like a stereotype. If you can see what obvious stereotype someone wears like a cloak in winter... and you want to get inside their head... just be sure to NOT treat them like that stereotype.

Some words I shared with a friend today...

Life is a never ending series of challenges...
some people see that as a big-ass drag...
other people rise to it,
and become more in the process.

~ put yourself in the second group. It's a better ride.

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The thing that continues to flip me out about the controversy over the Da Vinci Code book / movie... is that that oft repeated lament is: "It's just a novel."

In fact, when I was reading it in hardcover... I was LITERALLY stopped twice by strangers who wanted to say to me "you know that's just a work of fiction, right?" ... a) Like I actually gave a shit what some batty intense stranger wanted to tell me and b) what the hell is going on to make them stop me to say this?

I'll tell ya... they go to a church with a minister that had berated the novel and asked his minions... er... congregation to "spread the word" that the book is just a novel.

Have you ever heard of the Shroud of Turin? Do you know why it's such a big honking deal? Back when they thought it was real - they've since debunked the reality of the shroud - it was the ONLY PHYSICAL REALITY of jesus. There really is nothing out there but some stories to account for any reality of the big J-man. But ... they're stories.

What exactly is the bible? A fact based accounting, verified independantly, of historical events? um... not even close yo. The bible, the King James bible, was cobbled together rather recently (by historical standards) from a vast wealth of alegorical stories and "stories" that swirled around the religious world.

When I see someone with a bible... I'm sooooo tempted to stop them and say: "You know that's just a work of fiction, right?"

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The long weekend... aka The Maylong, aka the official Canadian "summer starts here" weekend, also known to be the weekend we celebrate Queenie Vic's birthday... starts ... NOW.

~ packs up laptop
~ closes down client workstation...
~ locks up cabinates...

See ya. :)