May 18th, 2006


Thursday, May 18

Welcome to another G.T.T. :)

It's a dark and wet day... There's a big ol'hill between our end of town and the big city and driving over it was essentially "driving into a big ass cloud". It was kinda weird... no skyline... no hint of a skyline... just thick, dark and wet, low hanging clouds.

Nice morning... although I'm noting that I'm getting disturbing "back talk" from Geo and it kinda catches me by surprise... It's not a huge thing but I guess as he starts to come "into his own" a little more he is starting to feel like he wants to be more in control of his choices... Now, it's not that he isn't in control of his choices now... (geez!) but there's some kind of a bristle-button on this guy when I tell him what to do...
Anyways, it's no biggie... just noting is all.

It's thursday and that means it's Pizza Day at the kids school... my favourite day of the week! :D

~ blue stripee ftls
~ black cotton cargos
~ very dk blue t and this indescribable short sleeve dress shirt.
~ oh... and "sockettes". I went out and bought a pack of those little almost-sock things... black. Socks are killing my swollen ankle... and I'm not a good "barefoot" person... at least not in dress shoes. :D
~ get my first presentation ready for this new gig...
~ talk to accountant for a bit on the phone...
~ negotiate with the moving company for the move...
~ really enjoy my smoked turkey and cheddar sammich at lunch...
~ read up a bit on the yaris, the honda civic and the mazda 3.
~ write something up about Amazing Race...
~ go to be early... why? I'm a zombie... I need a good nights sleep. :)
~ to just send a wee hug'ish kinda moment out to teasdale...
~ that my distant and delightful friend, bondas... can avoid unpleasant stops in her car... :)
~ that day one of 30 for gigglecam... goes wonderfully.
~ and that everyone's favorite police officer, raylenetaskoski, has a wonderful day. :)

Birthday moment...
Happy birthday to Collette... gigglerz... a vivacious young woman who will, no doubt, enjoy today completely. May you have a year of happy surprises and great health sugar... and I hope I get to keep tracking along with you and your little world. :)

145 in favour... 143 against. That is the vote held in our Parliament yesterday on the issue of re-newing out military commitment to afghanistan for another two years. This vote was held on the heels of the MINORITY leader telling everyone that he didn't give a shit if they voted against it... he was still re-newing for a minimum of one year.
The prime ministers rhetoric that lead up to the vote included this line;
"We will continue to be help give them the things we take for granted here in Canada, like roads, clean water, safety and security."
What a complete load of shit.
There are communities in Ontario that do not have clean water... and yo! Ass wipe... you could pave a road or two here in Kanata and you wouldn't hear me complaining... and you wouldn't need to kill a bunch of soldiers, or buy new armored transports to do it.
Nicola Godard... a woman in our Armed Forces stationed in Afghanistan bought it yesterday in a firefight with ... (surprise) Afghanis. The first canadian woman in our military to be killed in action since the the second world war.

Meanwhile... hundreds of innocents die every hour in Darfur and we commit to continuing to be invaders in Afghanistan.
Why? Why are so many people dying in Sudan? Bottom line: because the muslims and the arabs there can't get along. WOW Really? Gosh ... what a giant big ass surprise.

Radio girl was talking about gossipy stuff... and she came out with the story on Paul McCartney splitting with his wife. She commented on his crazy wealth, their lack of a prenuptial agreement and then said "she'll walk away with at least 300 million$". um... just say'en... that woman's not doing a whole lot of walking anywhere yo! :) Although laying on slabs of ice and whining about seals seems to be good... just no walking.

Who knows shit about cars?
What can I expect to hear when I start talking "Trade in" on my 1997 honda civic sedan ... 150,000km and some scary rust in one wheel well... ? hmm?

The Amazing Race 9 Finale!!

Amazing Race 9 Update!!

The Finale!

And they're off... slamming through two complete legs in one night and ending the season with a bang! Finally, a reality show ends with the people I like in the winners circle! Tonight's show drags us across the planet to Japan, and back to the States for the end-game... with two teams chomping at one anothers ass the whole way and one team... screwing around like morons.

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