May 15th, 2006


Monday, May 15

It's a gray day... dark and forbidding clouds promise to rain on us at some point... but that doesn't matter. :)
We're all so busy in our house it's silly... everybody has things they're dying to get to... or trying to avoid... and life is just swirling around that.

I'm all back and sorted into my "same desk" in the cube-farm that is my client's enviro.
There's new faces and lots and lots to do...
Bottom line: time will speed up... so I have to be careful to get the things done in my personal world that need doing (like the house, book projects, etc.) or work will overtake everything.

I've GOT to make another eye appointment. I'm struggling to stay focused on my computer monitor ... (lap top)... of course, I just had lunch and I want to have a little nap so maybe that's the problem. :)

~ black stripee ftls
~ charcoal suit
~ white tommy dress shirt
~ mickey tie (little mickey mouse dudes hiding in the pattern)
~ up way early...
~ get everyone up and fed, and off to buses
~ then off to the clinic for the calf x-rays... went quick.
~ must call the builders to change a tiling choice... (ug)
~ then to the client for 9:30... negotiate with the parking lot people
~ and have my busy day!
~ write something about Survivor at some point...
~ to compliment carouselrose... :)
~ my frigg'en leg would stay drained... (warm pads and elevation do a great job... but, eventually, I have to stand again...)
~ for peace to wash over myclevername... let it come sugar...

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday lil'ashie... I hope you have a wonderful year. May you find friendship and pleasure in equal meausre.
Happy Birthday Eliza... dearest moowazz... one day you will be famous and I will have known you "back in the day". :) Have a grand year little sugar.
and to laciann, a very happy birthday wish too. I hope the year ahead keeps you and all the members of your family safe and sound and fills your head with grand and exciting memories.

PGA Tour Golfer John Daly was recently featured in a short side bar in the sports section (d'uh) of the newspaper... this guy drinks 15 cans of diet coke a day, eats 20 packs of M&Ms and smokes two packs... PER DAY.
I call stats like that... proof positive that Golf is a pastime... and nothing remotely close to a sport.

As the rhetoric ramps up in anticipation of the Da Vinci Code release date, I have to laugh at the propensity of the "pundits" to tell all who will listen that the real "gospel truth" is a bright and wonderful thing... In fact, today's radio interview with some upper muckidy-mucks in the church described the story of the Da Vinci Code as "slanderous towards the scriptures". This had me at once, ready to laugh and ready to scream. I mean... how can you slander the scriptures? No matter how many people want the words in the "scriptures" to be real, they remain words on paper and framed 100% on faith. There is no "truth" to slander... The best you can get on that vein is the notion that the book or it's story may offend the sensibilities of christians that have elected to believe that the scriptures are accurate.
They're not... and that is not freaky negativity... it's only an observation of truth. I'm not saying the Da Vinci Code is anything but a wonderful adventure story... however, to feel as though the church has been truly hurt by the words and therefore council the faithful to Not Go... is just silly.
Is christianity so insecure that they must resort to fear and guilt? oh wait... that's the central tennant of the religion... what ever was I thinking.

K... must get back to being busy.

(no subject)

Racism is a problem...
but the ill conceived "perception" of racism is no better.

We are not all the same colour,
many of us worship different gods,
language seperates others,
and cultural values set many appart.
But many of us have long since processed the notion that we are all the same. From such a vantage point, we can still say "that man is a muslim, she is russian, they are jewish, and those people over there are black." Only someone with unresolved and likely unacknowledged problems-of-their-own finds any of that racist.

So a hearty fuck-you if you think I need to edu-ma-cated on race relations because I call a spade a spade. (and that's a pun, get over it).

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When they are very little,
you get all the time you like...
because their time is your time.
When they get bigger...
... and their world expands
beyond the boarder of ... you,
they start to claim their time
and you have to let them,
because, really... it's their time.
You had yours.

The scary thing is... there are so many parents that squander their hold on their children's time.

My parents didn't.
And I will never run out of time to give back to them.

There-in lay the model from which I draw some guidance as a parent.