May 11th, 2006


Thursday, May 11

Thursday is pizza day... oh how I love pizza day.
We pay some fee at the start of the term... along with the lunch "milk money" thing... and on Thursdays... the kids get pizza at lunch. Boxes and boxes of pizza delivered by a local 2for1 pizza shop. Bottom line: I don't have to think about or make kids lunches for thursday... my fav day of the week.

It's gonna rain... it's only gray and cool now... but there's rain in them thar clouds...
Prol'y a good thing.
I don't think my broken stupid body could take much more without a break.
Yesterday I managed to clobber myself in the left shin with a ... (wait for it...)
skateboard. I wasn't even doing anything... just farting around in the garage.
But man... an area the size of a king size pack of smokes is puffed but hard, along the tibia and sore like all get out.
I know there is not one drop of sympathy for this stuff... I deserve every ache I get...
(and between you and me... it's still worth it... completely... wwwwway too much fun being had).
but lets review...
Left "top of foot" (persistent little bugger).
Left shin (nasty)
Right hip (nasty)
Left forearm (cut's healing)
Left wrist (getting better... I can put my watch on again)

~ black stripee ftls
~ p-z blue jeans
~ black t...
~ more of the same... although I considered going to the clinic. But I'll go another day and see... :)
~ finish another report, fix two presentations, recreate a big honking graphic for a slide show and ... take something out for dinner.
~ write about AR from last night..
~ watch Survivor? Is survivor on tonight? or is the big finale this weekend ... must check the listings.
~ hopefully watch Lost from last night. :)
~ for mild mannered clark kent... er... serpah... to enjoy his day.
~ that there is a great deal less sucking ... er... yeah, sucking... in the life and times of the_laird :)
~ that evangelinaarion enjoys her... um... Pen... yeah, that's the ticket... Pen!
~ and to point out that I'm dim and only recently saw how cute a little mouse is when it's all snuzzled up to a monkey.

Geo is always so concerned about how his brother is acting when we're out in the big world... :)
Edwards brain is still in the fast-indexing mode... at 8... he constantly comes out with things that have suz and I totally agog (but quietly so) ... remembering complete dialogs from a movie we saw... three years ago. We just finished the last Harry Potter book (daddy reading at bed time) and when it was done... he asked a complicated question about the "meeting with that guy in his office... the important guy..." and he goes on to quote a bit of the dialog. This was many months ago, in the first 40 pages of the book... (the minister for magic meeting with the muggle pm).

I am out of coffee...
This is unacceptable.
Must leave NOW for starbucks... buy a grande mild with two cream and rollllll the R in grande because it makes them all laugh in the drive through ... which has resulted in free coffee before... and a pound of the good stuff... french roast... ground for a flat bottom basket please... Yum.

k... gotta go.
ps. I haven't watched, read or listened to international news for ... three days. Wow!!! tres weird.

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My Cure

Night time noises and clicking keyboards,
silence from the little sleepers.

Socks padding out a nightly routine,
from one bedroom to the other.

Kissing foreheads, whispering love,
and making myself ready for bed.

No ill will can withstand such power,
as a calm heart settles down to sleep.

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Math question from Geo's "Math Calendar" that I don't know the answer to...

"What is the possibility of getting heads, tails and tails when flipping 3 coins?
Show your work."

(I actually enjoyed typing out "show your work".... :D)

Amazing Race 9 Update!!

Amazing Race 9 Update!!

Dude... that's a big bowl of Crickets!

And they're off... playing with monkeys, Buddha, mouths full of crickets, and a wonderful little karma explosion that eats someone's brain. The gnomes are back, last goes to first, black gets gold and if you can't hold your pot... you're outta there!

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