May 5th, 2006


Friday, May 5

Cinco de Mayo!!!
Have a wonderful day yo!!

Really seriously beautiful day... although the weather idiots are calling for this to go sour again as the day gets long in the tooth.
We'll see.

I'm kind of in a strange vibe place...
working through some stress...
finding ways to burn off energy (the skateboarding thing) is helping...
But man... sometimes you have to sit back and try hard to look at yourself and "self analyze" the way you're letting stress burn you down ... to the "short fuse" zone.

~ blue stripee ftls
~ new p-z jeans [ :: which are the newest of the jeans in the corto-jean-family :: ]
~ black t and a nice short sleeve shirt...
~ up and at'em with the feed-the-family zone
~ go the kids school at "observe" class rooms for a while - it's "education week" and this was part of it...
~ now I'm off to the galactic core to pick up some papers and submit a claim...
~ write about Survivor later... (great episode of that show last night!! :D)
~ to send some lj love and congrats out to jeremyb... You're taking such important steps towards making your world better... I hope you feel a pay off!
~ that life would be "encouraging" ... just a bit... in the life and times of beachdog
~ to smile at sexsatan04... because... feeling the love is always a good thing.
~ and to send all kinds of love out to acoolsecretary... just 'cuz. :)

Birthday moments
Happy Birthday out to eroticvixen... a girl who ... may or may not be around to get the wish. :D May you find yourself in the company of love, fortune and good health this year. :)

I got the Lords of Dogtown download sorted... watched a half hour of it last night... and yeah... Love it. I'm trying to decide if Geo can see it. :)

~ oh man... there is sooooo much I have to get done in this world right now... it's just goofy.!!
Bottom line: today will be busy!
See ya.

ps. I feel very much like I'm forgetting something... I dislike this vibe... because it's usually true. grrrrr!

Survivor XII Update!!

Survivor XII: Exile Island!!

No Soup for Danni!

Where in... Terry gets laid, Cerie gets a slave, and Shane bawls his fool head off. Frau Plotsalot is still at it ... controlling the game, and Jet The Magnificent is still at it, and winning the game. Danni girl can't get her hands on the big slippery thing (so she bites it), and Shane can't find the hole... sad but true.

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Children who consistently remain blissfully unaware
of the actual time of day at all points of said day
are magically capable of simply "knowing" when it's
their bed time.

I know this ...
because at the precise moment of their bed time
all noise from their play vanishes,
in their nightly quest to postpone the inevitable.