April 30th, 2006


Sunday, April 30

So yesterday was a great day!!! :D

Got up and made the cake for Zoey's birthday (niece) and it was enjoyed by all ... big family thing last night so the cake just vanished! :)
Edward was "at" his sleep over till about 11:00 am and had a blast...
We went to a skate park... see below. :D
And while the boys went to a neighbors birthday party... we went to the house!
Man it's looking mighty sweet. They've done all the trim and put in doors and shelves and ... I'm just starving for that place.
Three months to go!!! :D

~ black ftls
~ old ripped and patched jeans
~ very old (crazy old - like 11 years?) HP long sleep shirt and ... strong bad!!
~ breakfast bonanza with the boys
~ homework zone...
~ then back to the skate park for a bit...
~ work on a "house" post...
~ and ... prol'y some yard work.
~ groceries!!! and BBQ for dinner... Ed wants shrimp. :D
~ to congratulate nextproblem on a wonderful anniversary!
~ to make little wishes for indianasweetie... just 'cuz...
~ and for the garbage fairies to help out little misskris... :)

Birthday moments...
For the "day late" crowd...
Holy cow... two days and ... eight birthdays? geez... :D
Happy birthday aprilfool29... you're a great read sugar!! Have a wonderful birthday and a grand year!
and sickboy, Happy Birthday out to you and your inky self. :) May you and your sugar have a great year ahead... and a few surprises...
Ms Shan-shazam... happy birthday ectv!!! You're a super mom and wonderful woman... I just love you to pieces!!! Have a great year Shan.
Happy Birthday Sarah... er.. sarah_cares and my your boyfriend fun be worthwhile ... in all ways. :)

And from today... the official April 30 gang
Happy Birthday Mel... (dreamy_thoughts) I hope the year brings you great happiness and that you are able to enjoy ... all of it.!
Ah mr. flesh! :D Happy Birthday the_laird!! May the year ahead bring you all kinds of inspiration and keep you healthy and happy.
Mr. Soft... (andysoft) Happy Birthday yo! Have a great celebration of the day... and I hope the year ahead rewards you.

and a special little wish for sylvidoptera... Have a lovely birthday sugar. I hope you are given many reasons to smile and that the year ahead keeps you healthy and happy.

I took Geo to a local skate bowl for some thrashing good times. :)
ar ar ar... he's never been even close to something like this in "real life" and he was mightily intimidated.
We watched for a bit... and then I took my board and gave it a go... (helmet, gloves, long sleeves, the whole deal).
I'm totally a spaz and fearful of the stuff I used to do as a kid without even thinking... Such is the way of life.
I'll push myself a bit but I don't wanna get "broke". :)
There were BMX'ers and other boarders and they were total stereotype thrasher kids... and surprisingly considerate.
It was great for Geo to see "scary kids" (and they are scary looking to a 10 year old) and find that they are ... just a nice bunch of guys.
He did a bunch of stuff... trying hard to not fall... He learned to lead forward and to bend his knees... :)
And now? He's begging to go back.
You can't believe how excited he was to do this... just over the moon. :)
Geo on his board...

Some random guy on his bike...

It was fun!!
the hand

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[ :: a 3 meg video... facing small fears. :: ]

~ see, for him... going down that second curved ramp... was a huge deal. He'll face a new kind of fear until he is tooling around the skate park with that fearless buzz we see in the other kids. For me... well, fear is a whole other kinda thing. I used to do this stuff when I was a kid... but the last time I was in a skate bowl... I was 15. k... like 30 years ago. (not counting yesterday). Now I'm icing my wrist 'cuz I managed to splat... but ... one fear down, time to face another. :)

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~ Ok... two tax returns filed. (due by midnight tonight... phew. :D)

~ My wrist... killer sore. Not swollen enough to be broken... I don't think.
When I fell today (skate park... and shut it... I know I know... 44... so kill me... or let me beat you to it. :D)
... when I fell... I was being cocky and went off a curved edge into a 7 foot bowl... but I went in on enough of an angle that ... well... I just fell off the board. Not terrible, because I'm a natural spaz, so I'm used to falling. Sadly, the hand I broke the first part of the fall with... folded back. (left hand - SCORE!!). So the base of my palm... just before the wrist... has a red-like-fire spot and most of my wrist is bruised. It's sofa king sore that it's just stupid.
It needs to hurry up and not be sore... because I have every intention of doing this more... (skate park). But I'm gonna wear those kick ass "roller blade" wrist guards from here on out. (and the current helmet and knee pads).

~ Dinner...
because I feel like sharing...

I enlisted the help of the boys because my wrist was soooo sore.
Edward made the rice (jasmine rice) and shucked the corn (corn o'the cob is a way big fav in this house).
George tore up the romaine for the ceasar salad...
and I STABBED myself in my LEFT palm skewing a shrimp on a wooden "kabob" stick... (scared the crap out of the kids)

So... rice, salad, corn, chicken and shrimp kabobs and garlic bread. Fabo sunday night dinner. :)

~ Ok... time to read with edward (yes, I know he's going to be late... shhhhhh!)