April 28th, 2006


Friday, April 28

K... can I just say... You Guys Freaking Rock. :)
Yesterday's little GTT thing was really great.
Thanks for playing along with my mania.

Today is sheet of solid blue sky and brilliant sunshine.
Therefore I have a full plate of work to do inside at a desk.

I woke up with a nasty head ache... but advil, hot packs, and a shower have helped.
It's like moving through a strange dream ... to do the morning routine with the kids when I've got a headache.
On a good note... getting the kids to eat well at breakfast is a strangely rewarding feeling.

~ green ftls
~ very old blue jeans [ :: that I've started sewing knee patches on :: ]
~ p-z t and a big naut rugby shirt... still brr!
~ too much.
~ frustrated with what I have to accomplish this week.
~ work work work today...
~ call my client and see what's what... (still no final word on a new gig)
~ taxes!
~ write about survivor...
~ must think of a good family stress reliever for tonight.
~ getting excited about seeing the house tomorrow...
~ for this day to give sleep_walker reasons to feel relieved.
~ that dave... er... inspectorjury doesn't spend it all in one place...
~ that sirenity enjoys showing us ... all the little things in her life.
~ to extend a little virtual hand holding thing to chicken_kisses
~ to wave at the tail of dw_photoprojekt's truck... safe journey yo.

Birthday moment...
Happy birthday gothikbutterfly... You celebrate the day... and let the year ahead be a celebration of you.

So there's this place, a country.
They have provinces... and they have two kinds of folk.
People who from "over there" and people who come from "over here".
The Over Here's are in charge.
... and they're killing all the Over There's.
It's sickening.
It's incredible... uncountable thousands of people.
Darfur, in The Sudan.

Meanwhile... the wold has committed all it's military energy on forcing some backwards ass fuckers in the middle east to vote, and rushing around pretending to actually hunt terrorists.

Apparently only Spidey pays attention to the notion that with great power comes great responsibility.

Two very good links... gathered from friends pages yesterday. :) (thanks guys).
One is a link to some geek that is one of those hard core wow moments. If they have this down to consumers now... then I can only imagine what's in store.
[ :: the virtual laser keyboard :: ] has been around for about two years now... but only as a non-commercial item... or so it seemed.
and the other... is a must read. It's a very well told story from the perspective of a man with a camera staring down the barrel of a world gone mad around him. Everybody should read this... [ :: Read the article... it's not long... and look at the pictures. :: ]

I remember... a moment in time that marks... a beginning.
When I was in University, already living with Suzanne and studying political science, we had a room mate named Phill.
At some point Phills mom wanted to buy him a computer.
Radio Shack was still a god, a lesser god, and they had an xt thing in a TRS80 shell.
So, yeah, this was back in thirteenth century or something... whatever...
Anyways... I had a TRS80 at the time... my first clone was still a year away
(it would be an xt from zenith - the year they introduced the 286)
And Phill's mom wanted me to sort out getting him a computer...
"I'll pay you ... "
So I arranged the purchase... hooked it all up, sat him down and showed him everything he needed to do to get going.
I think she paid me twenty five dollars...
"whoa..." I say to myself... "money for showing someone something on a computer.

K... time to get busy. :) See ya.
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Edward has gone to a little friends for ... a sleep over.

This is a new one.
We'll see how things work out. :)

Meanwhile, it's my neices birthday tomorrow... one of six neices...
and it's her sixteenth b-day. I want to biba and bought her clothes... :)

Now I've got to bake a cake for the party...
I think chocolate no-layers, big wrectangular job with caramel icing or is it butterscotch? Make it with brown sugar... so whateve that is. :)

K... time to be busy. :)

Survivor XII Update!!

Survivor XII: Exile Island!!

The Mind Boggles!!

Where in... the gang all goes on and on about how grand it would be to take the annoying earth-mother to the final two... Flip Chart boy (Shane) sinks a little deeper, Aras manhandles Cerie, Jet Johnson shoots his-bad-self to a Yukon! And Blob girl magically morphs into Frau Plotsalot. Oh yeah, things are a'happen'en with the exiles.

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