April 20th, 2006


Thursday, April 20

Shut up with this gorgeous weather? wowza.

Of course, now that we're moving... it has to be so lovely outside that everyone on the street is outside yipping and yabbing and socializing... sniff... it's gonna be a drag to leave this community behind. :( :( Kids from different houses all run into one anther's homes - welcome - and out again... parents chit chatting, playing hockey with the kids, skate boards, babies, puppies, and ... well, it's just so darn nice.

And I know... they could all move next year... new people with teenage hooligans could move in tomorrow... it's all a "moment in time" thing and there's no preserving this kind of thing. You have to just live it... and love it... while it lasts.

~ blue ftls
~ blue jeans...
~ blue cape cod t shirt...
~ yessiree... it's blue day. :) I should start a band... oh wait...
~ sit at my kitchen table with my lap top...
~ try to get more done for tomorrows show and tell day with the team...
~ enjoy how freaking gorgeous it is outside. (however, no working outside with the laptop... that's a recipe for sleeeeeep)
~ write about AR later...
~ watch INVASION and Survivor !!!
~ to smile at cynica...
~ that pixiecup... does a whole of "being careful" over the next couple of weeks
~ and that sylvidoptera doesn't take out her neighbors in todays Brain Hunt.

You deserve a smile today...
And the Decider is just the guy to give it to you...
(link from the El Magnifico Maggie - fallingforward)

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(click it... opens new page... you see a pic of bush / egg head and lyrics... some talk starts up and then a song. Dig it... it's fun)

See... I wish they could just start the whole ALIAS series over again and use blondie instead of Garner. 'Niffer has never really done it for me... although she pulls off latex quite nicely... (but ... so does EVERYBODY to a perv like me) ... but the blond woman, played by Rachel Nichols, is hotness on crack!

Geo wanted his hair cut... he currently wants to be tre-cool from greenday.
Not gonna happen with the two tones and mohawk but never-the-less... he got a chop down short on the sides and the back, with a little extra out front for flipping up and man... does he look great!! (Long way from "I will never get my hair cut again" boy... ) - and yes, I'll post a pic... later.

Amazing Race 9 Update!!

Amazing Race 9 Update!!

Everybody but the Hippies...

And they're off... bounding across the planet to the land of Oil, manicured cities, and insanely rich brown people. Fran actually swears, Yolanda can't find her happy place, and the Frat boys realize they too can actually suck at this game.

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