April 17th, 2006


Monday, April 17

cool and twenty kinds of beautiful outside. :)

I was up with the boys at 9:00... we watched the end of Star Trek Nemesis and the end of Wonka (original)... and by 10:30 I was up waking up the runner girl. She was up at ungodly hours going on 5 and 10 k runs that last two mornings so I figured she definitely deserved a little sleep in. So what happens? The door bell rings at 10:30 and it's a neighbor asking suz to go on a run with her. ... They're gone. :)
So it's shower time for me and maybe a little cooking.

~ pj pants and a t...
~ heading to the shower... :)
~ cleaning up ... (grrr) for the "inspection" tomorrow.
~ finding small pleasures
~ avoiding discontent... because it's better that way
~ returning "Derailed"... which totally got me because I'm such a sucker...
~ to send travellingstar understanding vibes and ... some strength.
~ that kendokamel doesn't spend all 8.5 million Euros in one place...
~ for pixiecup to get her bum back...
~ and ... go hybrid cynica :D

Ok... so a while ago, I ranted about the passport issue. My stance is one reflecting the notion that global security issues are simply a part of our "reality" and that it is reasonable for passports to be a part of that reality. I've been educated a bit on this issue.
Consider that the real problem for Canada in the US demand that passports be used at their borders is that US citizens wont get passports (to get back into the states) and will therefore stop crossing the border to shop or acquire services in Canada and that border towns will be economically devastated.
Apparently this is a fact.
I understand.
I can see that the new rules will hurt our economy and many cities, let alone the more personal notion of "communities".
I sympathize.
But it's not like there's any way to tell the tide to stop rolling.
People are going to have to adapt.
Apparently there is some option with a "smart card" but the bottom line is that people will still have to "get it"
and if our looming economic disaster is framed by the notion that americans will opt to stop coming to canada along border towns because they're too lazy or not motivated to get a passport... well, I'm guessing that they'll be no more likely to get a smart-card.
However! I don't believe it.
I don't believe that everyone is just going to up and stop the routines of their lives along border towns versus getting a passport.
They'll get them and things will even out.
There'll be rough spots... but ... there are always rough spots and it's a fools-game to think smooth sailing is "right".

If you're too busy listening to how someone else is doing you wrong
you'll never notice the way you are doing it to them.

Pay a moment's less attention to how the world is treating you
and use that time to consider how you are treating them.

Just say'en...

It's all about balance.
You live your life the way you want...
Right up until you have reason to live it for someone else.
Then the challenge is to find balance.


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~ three young boys clustered around a computer monitor.
~ ninetendo on the tv... unattended.
~ maplestory loaded and playing on the other computer... but unattended.
~ and furious outloud reading of several pages of text by Geo, while the other two boys noted key points, and new keyword search patterns.

~ leave it to cheat-planet to hone your childs research and group-study skills.

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~ I read about, and saw pictures of... something called a sugar glider. A marsupial from down under. Holy flippen cute little critter. Little bit creepy to think of them in large numbers... like bats... but still... darned cute. sugar_gliders
~ I've had a headache... not a migraine... just one of those ... above the eyes, sinus headache things... all flippen day. Sigh. Not a big smily thing.
~ spearmint ... makes me sneeze.
~ it's really gotten to the point where I wont even bother to try and read a novel unless I have my reading glasses on. It took me 43 years to start wearing these eyes out.
~ we had a moment at dinner tonight. Geo had said he was going to bike-to-the-park with the neighbor boys at 5:40. He agreed to be home in 20 minutes for dinner. He came home at 6:50. We had driven to both parks... and no boys. Turns out he had gone biking with the neighbor boys and their parents... and the communication of this had suffered a breakdown. So we were panicked for no reason, and he was still late and should have told them he needed to be home at such-and-such a time. He starts wearing a watch full time this week.
~ I am hopeful that dear mzbean is somewhere cuddling a brand new baby... she's kinda vanished. So I'll hope for the best.

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Has it ever dawned on you,
in a mushy stupid way
just how much you value a friendship.
Realized that you love a friend and it doesn't matter why,
just that you do...
and that you hope against all hope,
you'll get to hold onto it.

You fall in love.
Your spouse... becomes your partner in all things.
You work, and form relationships, real... but limited by their nature.
You have kids... and, well... nothing compares.

But a friend!
Friendships seem more mysterious.

I've always made friends easily.
More often than not... those friendships are simple ones.

It's the complicated... full scale friend,
someone you love and rely on for no special reason
that you just want to be able to hold on to.

they can be like your safety value.

I have one of those.