April 15th, 2006


Survivor XII Update!!

Survivor XII: Exile Island!!

I'm having a problem with my penis...!

Where in... the almighty Jet Johnson does his big talk no action deal with the secret idol, Cerie inspects Shane’s testicles, Courtney plays with fire, and several people weep... while Shane flippen dies with his bawling, crying Jag.

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Saturday, April 15

A rare saturday post. :) Hiya. :D

So, while we were serving ourselves dinner last night at my brothers house, our house was being shown to a couple from a mil-base in Alberta.
My MIL had brought over some flowers earlier in the day...

... and I had been baking scallop potatoes for the family dinner.
So things looked... and smelled pretty good. :)

My phone rang and it was the real estate office calling to see if we could "do an offer" tonight... HAHA... "Um... well, let me check my schedule"
The gave us the major info bits... a bunch lower than our asking price but not stupid, and August 1st closing.
We hotfooted it home for 8:00 to meet our replacement agent... Our agent ... is on vacation in france for the month. (!!!)
It seems our demand for an open house, compete with the resplendent "open house Sunday" add-on to the for-sale sign got the clients anxious.

We came back with a pittance under our asking and August 10 closing (our new house isn't gonna be ready till the 10th.
Then they countered... and stuck to the 1st.
Seems the military is moving him... but for July 1 and he's using all his "military pays for it" hotel time going for August 1.
Suz and I were un-concerned.
We countered with our absolute bottom price (getting us what we budgeted for plus everything we have to give to the agent) which was about 1500 under our asking (since we dropped the price just last week), said August 10 and told 'em we were done... they had till tomorrow at 1:00 pm to get back to us.
We still had our appliances up our sleeve but we were saving that for the very last possible ditch effort to save a sale.
:D ~ beams...
We could hear the other agent yelling about "no, we gotta sort this out tonight" on our agents blackberry.
So she hung up... they called back five minutes later and said...

It's conditional... on a home inspection and their financing... but they have no property to sell and the guys already been reassigned... so we've every reason to be confident. (famous last words I know... shhh!)

For now... all agents have to be told it's conditionally sold and they just wont bring clients... so we've canceled the open house (weee) and we're relaxing, with big smiles.
Or, as suz described it... "time to let our inner slobs shine!!". :)

~ green ftls
~ ripped jeans
~ old t and sweat shirt. :)
~ aka... one classy little devil.
~ sleep in!
~ watch some star trek with the boys
~ clean out the inside of our cars
~ get the rug for the dining room back from my MIL's house.
~ that my folks, who left for cuba at midnight last night... have a safe and wonderful adventure to cigar land.
~ that our house passes the "home inspection" (I'm sooo not worried)

Birthday moments...
A very happy birthday to Christina'of'the'amazing'smile! (giggly_girl) I hope you have plenty of reasons to smile this year sugar.
Happy birthday to kendokamel... Mel-of-the-stick. :) May good fortune be your constant companion.
and a very happy birthday to Sugar-bronze. (bramey). You're some-kind-of-amazing mz bronwyn... May the year that waits, greet you with far fewer headaches.

Thank you for all the "congrats" to my post last night. :)
~ big warm squishy vibe... :D :D

I cannot shake the "today is sunday" vibe.