April 14th, 2006


Friday, April 14

As the Jews say... It's a good day to hang around... and maybe do your nails.


~ black ftls
~ kinda old blue jeans [ :: that fit great, besides the rip... :: ]
~ and an old p-z shirt. :)
~ major showing day... one in two hours, another at 5:00
~ big family "easter" dinner at my bro's house... my folks leave for Cuba at midnight, so we're doing easter on good friday. :)
~ nothing but cleaning and cooking.
~ that ladyfire makes a smooth transition into parent-of-a-teenager ...
~ that mzbean hurry's up and has that baby... before she has her own teenager...
~ and that I get the rest of the cleaning I need to do done before... the first showing. :)

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday to my kite fly'en west coast buddy... The monkey! May you have a wonderful year ahead my friend and I hope you find yourself in the arms of real affection. :)
And to my distant and artful little photographer... Happy Birthday sleep_walker. May you be in the best of health and the arms of happiness. :)

Gotta jet. :)

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the trick is to vacuum last...
... so you can look for their footsteps as they walked around the house.

1 showing down.
another in a half hour...
another tomorrow...
and then open house on sunday.
You coming? :D)