April 13th, 2006


Thursday, April 13

Get up ... super early...shower, shave, iron a shirt, hit the road and make Hull (little city just over the bridge into Quebec from Ottawa, Ontario... where my client is) by 7:45. I'm normally feeding the kids at that time. :)

So far so good... "on time" is a good way to start anything.
Sadly... the meeting with the CIO, and his senior execs was ... canceled.
One of the execs couldn't be there so it had to be rescheduled to the 19th (this coming wednesday)...
Again with the 8:00 am stuff.

Because our end of town is a big high tech zone... I got to enjoy rush hour traffic ... in both directions.

Oh, and it's a rainy, overcast day... appropriate.
They say there'll be sunny breaks in the afternoon.
We'll see.

~ blue ftls
~ charcoal suit
~ white shirt and ... a pretty nice tie. :)
~ a little coffee stain on the tip of my nose... fricken car cups.
~ well... there was a plan...
~ now it's a day of working on some ip (intellectual property) for the boss...
~ gonna settle the kitchen issues (new house) today... I hope!!
~ write about AR at lunch...
~ watch Survivor tonight. :)
~ that the circle takes unmistakably_me ... to just the right place.
~ for days_unfolding to catch a wee break... ya'know?
~ and that little miss death wish... (queeniexb) enjoys her trip to Mission: Space... if she can get there... :)

Birthday moments...
A very happy birthday to a very precious (like third lj friend?) friend, ratonil (Ivan zee amazing journalist slash Master Romanian spy!)... May you shake blue days quickly... find love in all the right places... and most specifically... right in your heat my friend. :) Have a wonderful year Ivan.
And a delicate wish for a happy birthday to a tiny treasure of a girl... Carisa... (icicle) all married up and looking to a brilliant future every time you open your eyes. :) Have a wonderful day sugar and a grand adventure in your 24th year. :)
And finally to an old dog! (catseatdogs) A very happy birthday to you ... and I do hope you are rewarded with good memories and good friends. :)

The news in Canada / US relations tracks along two issues... The softwood lumber issue (subsidies and import duties that are in conflict with one set of rules - NAFTA and not with another - WTO) and the PASSPORT ISSUE. I am so confused about the passport issue. I hear people whine and complain about having to actually "get" a passport and that it costs money, it's hard to do, the gov is slow, etc. etc. etc. etc... but seriously... why on earth are people being such pussies about this?
If there were a bunch of murders and robberies in your hood would you figure it's a good time to start locking your door at night or would you shrug and say it's too much work to go and spin the dead bolt? It seems to me to be a very reasonable thing to require in this day and age... that people need a passport to enter the US. And... for that matter... you should need a passport to enter Canada too.

Some many months ago... I railed against government opposition party bitching and national press carping over the severance pay out to the CEO of a crown corporation, whose name translates from inuktitut to "That Place Where You Install The Doorbell In The Front Hall", Mr. David Dingwall. Everyone was having a field day pissing about the guys expense reports blah blah blah... Meanwhile he was taking the Canadian Mint from the Red to the Black to the tune of billions in international contracts and efficiencies.
So a commission investigating the guy just made it's final report... stating that it was all a big cock up and the guy did nothing wrong... did a lot right... and deserved every penny he got. Now, of course, we (taxpayers) are also responsible for his legal bills in defending the spurious allegations made against him.
Way to go guys... waste some more of my money... hurry up.

I'm out of milk. And out of cream.
I've a fresh lb of 'bucks french roast... but no cream or milk?
Not fair.
I'm off to the store to buy milk.
... you know...
Having the worlds best cup of coffee and no cream,
Is a lot like having a heart full of love,
and not kissing anyone.
You can do a lot to explain yourself, and support your love, your partner...
but there is nothing quite so effective as a kiss.

K... time to go get milk. :)
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Amazing Race 9 Update!!

Amazing Race 9 Update!!

Baby Dammit

And they're off... on another episode that shows us several important things... like, how NOT to behave as a couple, that not all black people can throw a spear, it hurts to smash plates over your own head and that a grown man in a diaper is just too much for Monica to resist.

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Crazy Hair day at school... :)

ps. Overheard from the shower just now (Geo)... "Home, home on the range... where the deer and the cantelope range..."