April 4th, 2006


Tuesday, April 4

me and dora ... oh and my little'D from work. (Laptop). Laptop on a recipe book holder from grand & toy (5$) holds it up at a perfect height, then attach a keyboard and mouse and presto. :)

It's flipping snowing.
It's calmer now... still snowing ... but calm. It was blowing all over the place when I got up and got the kids out. Poor guys were just getting "into" their spring coats and runners... now it's back to big jacket and boots. :)

~ more blue fts...
~ khaki cargos
~ maroon gap shirt and red sweat shirt. :)
~ a visit with my mom... She's coming over for coffee and to go over an invitation she needs sorted out (for an art show this summer)
~ work work ... must finish the client 2 report (almost done) and get started on the presentation.
~ deleted boss comment goes here...
~ where is Amazing Race? It's not in my TV Guide?
~ that all is well and works out well in the land of sirenity... You just watch sugar... it'll all be good. :)
~ for the pumps to keep on truck'en for angryvixen
~ to tell bratt72 that she is being dangerous with all the cuteness exploding out of her journal...
~ and ... it's just been too long since I've said something like "sylvidoptera is a treasure" so... I'm saying it today. :D

Birthday moment
Happy Birthday Sugar-A (irishgypsie). I hope you have a wonderful birthday... a lovely year ahead of you ... and may fortune hold wonderful surprises for you sugar. :)

Dear everyone that has even conceived of the notion that people complaining about American involvement in Iraq is an unpatriotic liberal pussy... please get a grip before you slide off the edge. I heard Rice on the radio saying that Iraq was a part of the problem that lead to 9/11... and then god smote her with a terrible barrage of lightening bolts... er... I mean then "god should have...". Iraq has nothing to do with American safety... never has... never will. People really need to get a grip.... and Rice needs to get her own brain... instead of being such a little Bush Tramp.

Madonna is coming to Montreal ... Wow Wow Wow... Now there'll be another over 40, skanky looking pole dancing hoe in Montreal. Wohoo...

I just wanted to say... I'm watching the news and weather reports and I'm keeping my many friends in the Mid West in my thoughts... be safe guys and I hope you were missed by the twisters that have already rained destruction.

ok... time to be busy again... :)

(no subject)

Edward, for whom I struggle nightly in the quest to find lunch foods that he likes, grabbed a can of "value" tuna (flaked, in water) off the shelf the other day at Wally-land. "Daddy... can I get this?". 87 cents? "Sure". (pick your battles ... right!)

So George starts in on him about "ick! Tuna" and I practically yank his vocal cords out... well, figuratively... and forestall that initiative.
I tell him straight up... I will take away computer time if he says word one to Edward on the subject of Tuna!

Tonight... at bedtime snack time... after having three big strawberries... and while I'm asking him what he want's in his lunch...
Along comes the tuna topic. Geo remains quiet.
Edward wants the can in his lunch... with the can opener (87 cents doesn't get you a pull top).

"no... but lets open it and put it in a little tupperware container for lunch ... ok"
"Sure... can I ... um.... can I have a bite?"

And I start cranking open the can...
I'm sure... one look at the contents and one whiff of the tuna-smell... and it's all over.

I'm just say'en... impossible to find things he likes...
and he sits there and eats a third of the can of tuna... and want's the rest in his lunch. :)
No sammich... Just the tuna and a fork.