March 30th, 2006


Thursday, March 30

yeah... pic's getting boring huh... same ol'same'ol.. I tried this ... "way back" picture but I swear ... my head was looking like that guy in deaths waiting room in Beetlejuice... the explorer guy with the shrunken head? yeah... so I re-shot. :)

I was totally mr. dad this morning... I was up making muffins at 7:00 and had the boys fed with time to spare. :)
We had a showing yesterday... one booked for Saturday and we'll likely get one or two today and tomorrow... (via the big price drop deal... ~ makes a sad face).
But (~ makes a happy face) all I care about at this stage... is selling this house. !!

It's going up to 15 today... that's ... well basically late May!! yo. Nice flipping day! Lovely off-maroon baffles in my cube.

~ black stripee ftls
~ another suit day... (mickey mouse tie - although you have to really look hard to see the mickey! :D)
~ get sorted for todays Change Advisory Board meeting (CAB)... this is a sasquatch of a committee ... total suit city intimidation land... which really doesn't work on me so huge that it actually gets me in trouble when I forget to pretend to be intimidated. (clients!!)
~ have lunch with my bud... (best friend dude... Jay.) and talk to him about apples... :)
~ watch THE FIRST NEW SURVIVOR IN THREE WEEKS... yo!! Set your Tivo homie...
~ for things in the heart of dishpan_nipples to be ... satisfied. :)
~ to thank apod for being ... awesome!!!!!!!!!
~ to wave and smile at modernarchetype ... just 'cuz...
~ that my friend ... my sweet and adorable friend... mzbean has her wee baby soon!!!

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday little miss mouse-a-lot... :D (the1mouse) I hope you manage to celebrate in a way that warms your heart sugar... er... marlene. ;) May the year ahead bring you all kinds of great memories... :D
and kattaryna, I'm sure your all gone away and playing elsewhere... but happy birthday never-the-less... :D I hope you're happy and doing things you like to do.

Tony Soprano, or Billy-the-midget... they all come crashing down if you kick 'em in the nuts.
Just say'en... all the big and special in the world ... doesn't mean a thing when faced with an accurate hit.
... and everybody... everything... has a soft spot.

So what will come first? American civil unrest in response to an illegal war that kills American sons and daughters for no good reason what-so-ever? or will the people being oppressed, abused and occupied in Iraq... find a soft spot and kick it? Of course, I can just hear Bush after such an event... "See... I told you they were bad people..." and then the bombs start again.

Personally... If I had the capacity or the citizenship...I'd be protesting on a regular basis.
Rise up and demand your government stop acting like a crazy person... before it's too late.
Everybody has a soft spot.

I didn't get to watch TV last night... but I did watch epi 18 of BSG.... Oh my freaking god ... this is sooo flipping good. And Baltar? What the hell???? wowza.

K... gotta go.

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clean clean clean...
showings tomorrow... and saturday...

as geo - who plays a cave man in the school play "history of rock" this year - would say... "ooga booga!"

ps. Survivor Fans: You should either be settling in to watch (EST) or making sure you're sorted to record it! Go!

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i know... Posty McPostalot...

Question: what am I not doing right ... in that Firefox always goes to shit when I land on a pdf. It will load the pdf... it will display it... but when I click exit... or the "x" or the back arrow... total system lock up for 20 seconds... 40 seconds ... (feels like freaking hours when it's happening).