March 23rd, 2006


Thursday, March 23

Ug. Ok... not UG... it's just been a busy day... and a very busy week and it's just sooooo not over yet.
I'm doing two jobs... hard core and very demanding. Expectations are over the moon and I'm spending actual time just trying to bring them down to a manageable level with the peeps I'm working for. peep peep peep...

I'm enjoying a little headphone time ... before I spend the rest of the day flipping out and trying to keep my groove.
I've literally been visited by three layers of management from the company I work for and two layers of management from the client I'm assigned to... all of them transparently trying to ensure I don't live up to some of my more aggressive creds in executing my role at the meetings I have to be going to now... "You're a facilitator... not the guy to poke everyone until they start to do things your way... " bwaahahahahahahahahahahahaha... I kill me. And I actually sat there and nodded... Seeing as my actual boss reads my blog... I'll not say a word about my evil plans... ar ar ar...

Random: Miniature Cadbury Easter Eggs filled with yummi creamy goodness (not the big ones... but the liddo ones) are... delicious. And they're just packed with nutritional goodness... right?

~ black stripee ftls
~ white tommy shirt...
~ Teddy Bear tie...
~ and the dark suit... Thursdays now join Mondays, as days framed by big dorky stuffy meetings with people who are sooooo important.... sigh.
~ flipping out all morning!!
~ a big ass CAB meeting all afternoon.
~ watching (for a few minutes at least) the SECOND FAKE SURVIVOR EPISODE... It's not an actual epi tonight... just another fake show.
~ maybe watch one of the backlogged, downloaded, and burned to dvd BSG's I have in the hopper. :)
~ that all the bangs, smashes and crashes... stop really soon in the world of bramey and her migraine. :(
~ that sylph's hand feels better soon... I mean... really soon. Poor lil'carole... :)
~ for the poet in ayoub to be ever eager to show itself. :)
~ for a little feel-better vibe and "I hope you catch a break today" vibe... to wash over canuckgirl!!
~ and to bigbull... all I can say is "Who do they think they are, And where did they get that car?"

Birthday moment...
Happy Birthday lil'boo... (boo1) First of all... I sincerely hope you get better really soon lil'kristina... being sick on your b-day is bad mojo. :*** I hope the year ahead keeps you well and lands you in the lap of love ... over and over and over!! :D
And happy birthday out to jenbibi... the Bibi... er... jen. :) You and your top secret birthday!!! ha! May you find great pleasures around every corner and I hope the year is packed with memory making moments. :)

A note to all America non-military personnel in Iraq... "Eh" is pronounced like a long A. It is most effectively used immediately following the word "yea", hence the expression "Yea eh." being a hard core canadianism. Practice practice practice... *

Dear Canadian, Nationally Syndicated, Big Giant Conglomerate, Broadcasting News Agency "CTV": Could you really not do any better than what appeared to be a cut out of the Queen of the North slipping out of view between big blue graphics of water as you reported on the tragedy and miracle of this disaster? How positively "local broadcaster" of you.

LOST: "Got any milk?" should have been immediately followed by the ringing sounds of a shotgun blast!!!!! He's dirty yo.!!! no question. I was yelling "It's a trap ... it's a trap" at the TV as they walked into that big rainy field... (of course, we wont know till next week... but still....)

* I know I'm going to hell...

(no subject)

Yeah, so I went to the club for after the dinner zone was cleaned up.
By "club" ... I mean Future Shop.
I decided to get a head set for the computer.
... but,
besides the obligatory insta-rant about the horrible horrible
person responsible for the advent of those stuuuuuupid
sealed, clear plastic packages...
the actual point of the story,
is the whole "club" thing.
'Cuz that's what it's like...
... and ol'boys club...
Only thing missing is the cigar and the bar.
~ individual men, mid thirties and beyond,
~ walking lazily... perhaps sitting in a comfy chair near a tv...
~ young women in uniforms to take your cash...
~ young men ready to rush about getting you things...
The lighting's a bit garish...
But the clubs got some way good toys.